Chicago Golf Courses


While there are over 250 golf courses in the Chicagoland area, there are only 13 courses that are actually located in the City of Chicago. If you’re interested in playing golf in the actual Windy City, be sure to check out one of these.

Illinois>ChicagoBeverly Country Club
Illinois>ChicagoBilly Caldwell Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoColumbus Park Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoEdgebrook Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoHarborside International Golf Center
Illinois>ChicagoIndian Boundary Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoJackson Park Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoMarquette Park Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoRidge Country Club
Illinois>ChicagoRobert A. Black Golf Club
Illinois>ChicagoSouth Shore Golf Course
Illinois>ChicagoSydney R. Marovitz Golf Course

Topgolf Locations in the United States



Topgolf offers multiple games of skill and strategy to help create a fun and competitive atmosphere for golfers of all skill levels. The targets and immediate feedback also provide a great framework for more serious golfers to work on and improve their game.

With 66 locations throughout the US, Topgolf has become one of the most popular ways to play golf year-round. Find a Topgolf location near you.

Alabama>BirminghamTopgolf Birmingham
Alabama>HuntsvilleTopgolf Huntsville
Arizona>GilbertTopgolf Gilbert
Arizona>GlendaleTopgolf Phoenix
Arizona>ScottsdaleTopgolf Scottsdale
Arizona>TucsonTopgolf Tucson
Arkansas>RogersTopgolf Rogers
California>RosevilleTopgolf Roseville
California>San JoseTopgolf San Jose
Colorado>CentennialTopgolf Denver
Colorado>ThorntonTopgolf Thornton
Florida>DoralTopgolf Miami
Florida>JacksonvilleTopgolf Jacksonville
Florida>Lake MaryTopgolf Orlando - Lake Mary
Florida>Miami GardensTopgolf Miami Gardens
Florida>OrlandoTopgolf Orlando
Florida>St. PetersburgTopgolf St. Petersburg
Florida>TampaTopgolf Tampa
Georgia>AlpharettaTopgolf Alpharetta
Georgia>AtlantaTopgolf Atlanta - Midtown
Georgia>AugustaTopgolf Augusta
Illinois>NapervilleTopgolf Naperville
Illinois>SchaumburgTopgolf Schaumburg
Indiana>FishersTopgolf Fishers
Kansas>Overland ParkTopgolf Overland Park
Louisiana>Baton RougeTopgolf Baton Rouge
Maryland>BaltimoreTopgolf Baltimore
Maryland>GermantownTopgolf Germantown
Maryland>Oxon HillTopgolf National Harbor
Michigan>Auburn HillsTopgolf Auburn Hills
Minnesota>Brooklyn CenterTopgolf Minneapolis - Brooklyn Center
Missouri>ChesterfieldTopgolf St. Louis
Nebraska>OmahaTopgolf Omaha
Nevada>Las VegasTopgolf Las Vegas
New Jersey>EdisonTopgolf Edison
New Jersey>Mount LaurelTopgolf Mount Laurel
New Mexico>AlbuquerqueTopgolf Albuquerque
New York>HoltsvilleTopgolf Long Island - Holtsville
North Carolina>CharlotteTopgolf Charlotte
North Carolina>CharlotteTopgolf North Charlotte
Ohio>ColumbusTopgolf Columbus
Ohio>IndependenceTopgolf Cleveland
Ohio>West Chester TownshipTopgolf Cincinnati
Oklahoma>Oklahoma CityTopgolf Oklahoma City
Oregon>HillsboroTopgolf Hillsboro
Pennsylvania>BridgevilleTopgolf Pittsburgh
South Carolina>GreenvilleTopgolf Greenville
South Carolina>Myrtle BeachTopgolf Myrtle Beach
Tennessee>East RidgeTopgolf Chattanooga
Tennessee>NashvilleTopgolf Nashville
Texas>AllenTopgolf Allen
Texas>AustinTopgolf Austin
Texas>DallasTopgolf Dallas
Texas>El PasoTopgolf El Paso
Texas>Fort WorthTopgolf Fort Worth
Texas>HoustonTopgolf Katy
Texas>PharrTopgolf McAllen - Pharr
Texas>San AntonioTopgolf San Antonio
Texas>SpringTopgolf Spring
Texas>The ColonyTopgolf The Colony
Texas>WebsterTopgolf Webster
Utah>MidvaleTopgolf Salt Lake City
Virginia>AshburnTopgolf D.C. - Loudoun
Virginia>RichmondTopgolf Richmond
Virginia>Virginia BeachTopgolf Virginia Beach

The Six Key Mistakes That Most Amateur Golfers Make


You’ve got one week before the big golf outing and this year you want to make a big splash by playing the best golf of your life. Here are six key faults that you should avoid in order to maximize your efforts in preparation for the big event.

  1. Gripping the golf club too tight – Tension in the golf swing is a serious impediment to creating a smooth, rhythmic swing that can naturally produce an impactful release of the club head through impact.
  2. Standing too far or too close to the ball at address – Whether your reaching too far or jamming yourself inside, it’s essential to make sure that your stance begins with your arms hanging freely down while gripping the club.
  3. Swaying instead of rotating during your backswing – Nothing removes a consistent ball position at impact than a sway that takes your center of gravity back and forth while making it extremely difficult for you to match your setup with the point of impact.
  4. Swinging the club with your arms instead rotating your body – The rotation of your chest and shoulders leading down to your hips helps generate the power and consistency of your golf swing while swinging the golf club with your arms virtually prohibits your core from performing effectively.
  5. Failing to begin the downswing by clearing your hips through the target – Reaching a fundamentally sound position at the top of your backswing can easily erased with an inefficient downswing that must be controlled initially by the rotation of the hips toward the target.
  6. Raising or lowering your head by altering your spine angle during the swing – Maintaining your spine angle throughout the swing provides the key point of the pendulum. Move this pendulum point and it’s anybody’s guess where your club will end up at impact.

  7. As with most every golf swing tip, repetition is essential as it’s the best way to rapidly create positive muscle memory. Once your mind and muscles can experience what the right way feels like, your performance will improve drastically. So practice each of these golf tips and watch your scores drop.

SwingCaps Give Back Range of Motion for Golf



If you’re a golfer, stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion can often become more of an obstacle to playing better golf than the course itself. Is there anything you can do about it? A new product called Swing Caps could be just what golfers need to improve their range of motion.

Numerous physicians from multiple credible sources all agree that chronic inflammation is the main culprit contributing to the high cost of poor health in the world today. In fact, it’s inflammation that causes stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion, as well as a host of other issues.

In a recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Lipidology, purified omega 7 from fish was shown to reduce c-reactive protein –the leading indicator of inflammation in the body — by 44%.

The same study (1) also showed that omega-7 demonstrates major benefits for total lipid health, including a boost in good cholesterol, and reductions in bad cholesterol and excessive fats that accumulate in your blood.

(1) “Purified palmitoleic acid for the reduction of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and serum lipids: A double-blinded, randomized, placebo controlled study”, The Journal of Clinical Lipidology, August 2014; Adam M. Bernstein, MD, ScD; Michael F. Roizen, MD; Luis Martinez, MD, MPH; []

That’s why SwingCaps features a proprietary blend of four all-natural ingredients. Including purified omega 7, supercritical omega 3, hyaluronic acid, and celery seed extract. The other ingredients have been proven to support the brain and eyes, memory and mood, and cushion the joints and ligaments. SwingCaps is available at:

CBS Golf analyst Gary McCord has become a hug fan of SwingCaps. “I’ve played golf professionally since 1974” said McCord. “If you know they old axciom, ‘nothing gets better as you get older’, that certainly applies to the golf swing because you can’t move as well as you get older. After taking SwingCaps for a couple weeks, my range of motion came back. I was getting the club back farther and hitting it longer. At one point after taking SwingCaps, I played 26 of 29 days and I had my range of motion back.”

The 8-Week Golf Improvement Program on DVD

TOURAcademy Home Edition

TOURAcademy Home EditionOn the PGA TOUR there are four major golf championships and The PLAYERS Championship, which typically is mentioned as a would-be fifth major. The PLAYERS is managed by the PGA TOUR and is contested at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

For golfers who are looking to learn the game of golf or drop strokes from their handicap, the PGA TOUR created the TOURAcademy Home Edition, which is an 8-week golf improvement program presented by PGA instructors that was filmed at TPC Sawgrass, home of The PLAYERS and the PGA TOUR. The TOURAcademy Home Edition features top quality golf video instruction that you can use on your own schedule.

The program is hosted by the likable CBS golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch and features instruction from TOURAcademy instructors with highly focused lessons and practice sessions. If you like learning at your own pace, this is a great solution.

At $180 or 3 payments of $59.99, the TOURAcademy Home Edition isn’t cheap. However, it does present an incredible amount of materials and information along with the highest possible quality of golf instruction. It also includes free shipping to the USA or Canada and comes with a 60-day no-hassle money back guarantee.

TOURAcademy Home EditionThe product provides ten DVDs containing 28 lessons and practice sessions that are broken down by ability – white track for all abilities, blue track for advanced golfers. You’ll also receive an 8-week calendar and practice guide, two golf training aids and a 100+ page TOURAcademy® instruction book.

TOURAcademy Home Edition does a nice job of adding value for any golfer, from novice to advanced by providing quality structured practice based on skill development and building a golf swing from the ground up. As most golfers know, eight weeks is typically not enough time to learn the game, but this program will do a good job of equipping a player who’s never swung a golf club before with a basic, functioning golf swing. There’s also a lot of great insight into the golf swing that will help even low handicappers.

Here’s what covered in the TOURAcademy Home Edition DVDs:

1: The Set-Up – Grip, Posture, and Alignment
2: Rolling It – The Essentials of Putting
3: The Impact Zone – Educate the Hands
4: Learning Small Swings – Chipping
5: Developing Body Motion – The Pivot
6: Mastering Intermediate Distances – Pitching
7: Synchronizing Body and Club – The Full Swing
8: Power and Distance – Driving with Authority
9: Specialty Shots – Lob and Bunker
10: Troubleshooting – Ball Flight Laws, Tips, and More.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix in golf, however, there are plenty of products that provide poor quality information that slow progress or even hurt your golf game. The TOURAcademy Home Edition won’t replace Butch Harmon, Sean Foley or your local PGA TOUR professional. But what will do is provide you with a solid resource library of golf tips and instruction that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Bubba Watson Teams Up With Garia

BUBBA_WATSON_GARIAWhat do you get a Masters Champion that he doesn’t already have? If you’re 2012 Masters Champion and four-time PGA Tour winner Bubba Watson, you get a partnership with European luxury golf and leisure car manufacturer Garia. Watson and the company recently announced their agreement as part of The Garia Mansory Accessory Program, which allows each owner to fully personalize their golf car to their specific taste.

Garia and the long-hitting Watson would seem to be a good match as both take a somewhat unconventional approach to attaining their desired results. Bubba Watson uses an unorthodox golf swing to generate tremendous club head speed and unmatched distance. Garia completely redefined the traditional golf cart experience by launching the first fully customizable luxury golf car.

Available luxury features on a Garia golf car include a built-in refrigerator, extra comfortable sport seat and 12” alloy wheels. The Garia is available in various models, including street legal and 4-seater all of which has earned the right to be called golf car as opposed to golf cart.

“I love it. It’s amazing – I might drive this more than my car” said Watson, who upgraded his previous golf cart to a customized Garia at his home in Isleworth, Florida. “Garia is all about the ultimate luxury golf car. It’s a unique construction from the ground up using only the best materials that allows for complete customization. We are very proud to have been chosen by a renowned PGA professional such as Bubba Watson and we feel it’s an acknowledgement of the efforts put into making Garia the best personal golf car available” says Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

Among the longest drivers on the PGA Tour, Bubba Watson averages over 315 yards off the tee and can hit a ball over 350 yards with a ball speed up to 194 mph. Watson turned professional in 2003 and joined the Nationwide Tour where he played until 2005. He won the 2012 Masters Tournament after defeating Louis Oosthuizen on the second sudden death playoff hole.

The Garia Mansory Accessory Program allowed Watson to customize his car with parts such carbon fiber front body, side panels, steering wheel and unique custom seats with “Bubbagolf” embroidered onto. All custom parts are handmade by the German tuning company Mansory – famous for modifying Ferrari, Bugatti, Rolls Royce and many other high end cars for wealthy clients.

The Garia Mansory Accessory Program is unique in the golf cart segment and allows each owner to fully personalize the car to their specific taste. Bubba Watson is a good example of this with his unique car in a combination of shiny cream and matte coated carbon fiber parts with matching black and cream seat, dashboard and headliner.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer for Lower Scores


660_SWINGBYTE2Whether you’re working by yourself or with a golf instructor, a golf swing analyzer can be an invaluable golf training aid to help diagnose and correct problems. Swingbyte just introduced the second generation of their golf swing analyzer, which includes a redesigned lightweight sensor. The product features a new latching mechanism that makes it easier to attach the Swingbyte to any club. It also offers a new alignment aid that allows users to easily orient Swingbyte 2 for consistent data session to session. The new Swingbyte 2 sensor also features a lower profile, an electronic power switch and covert LED lights.

The Swingbyte 2 golf swing analyzer captures key metrics from a golf swing and wirelessly transmits that data and an interactive visual representation of the swing to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The 3-D golf swing analysis and metrics can be used by the golfer or with the assistance of a PGA instructor.

The new Swingbyte 2 weighs less than one ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club contacts a ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app. Digitized and video recorded images of the swing – along with measurements of club head speed, swing plane, face angle, loft and lie angles and tempo – can be viewed on smartphones and tablets during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

“The new sensor makes the entire user experience with Swingbyte even easier so golfers can improve faster,” said Brian Payne, a former PGA Professional and a Swingbyte co-founder.
Swingbyte’s namesake product, released in April 2012, was hailed by Golf Digest as one of the “12 Coolest Items” at the 2012 PGA Show. Since its introduction, a number of top 100 instructors, including Dr. Jim Suttie, Chris O’Connell, Brad Redding and Kevin Weeks, have joined Swingbyte’s professional advisory board.

Swingbyte also recently unveiled an enhanced 2.0 version of its free mobile app for iPad. New features include the ability to record in-app video that auto-trims unnecessary footage and synchronizes recorded swings to Swingbyte’s 3D visuals and data. The Swingbyte golf training aid now provides golfers and instructors with the unique ability to accurately track the body and club throughout the swing. Both the original model and Swingbyte 2 sensors are compatible with the recently released 2.0 software.

Swingbyte 2 retails for $149 and includes the Swingbyte sensor, the free Swingbyte app and an online account at, which includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.

Secret Grip Putter Grip Helps Win Tournament


SECRET_PUTTER_GRIPThe new Secret Grip Putter Grip from Boccieri Golf, pioneer of the popular Heavy Putter and critically acclaimed “Control Series” of full-swing clubs, recently made a major impact by winning the Tour’s Midwest Classic at Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate in Overland Park, Kansas. The Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Secret Grip Putter Grip helps counterbalance the putter for improved stability, consistency and control on the greens.

The putter version of the Secret Grip retails for $24.99 and is easily installed on clubs from any manufacturer for an instant boost in performance. The added weight is achieved via a tungsten insert in the butt-end of the grip, combined with a rubber compound 40-percent heavier than what is used in standard grips. The Secret Grip features an oversized design, popular pistol shaping for comfort and an attractive black and green, two-tone color scheme.

“Early acclaim for the Secret Grip led this great young player to purchase it three weeks ago at The Bear’s Club and we see the immediate positive results” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “We’ve preached the benefits of counterbalanced equipment for years, with increasing validation by Tour players showing its ability to maximize performance in all areas of the game.”

Recent testing of more than 3,000 players shows 95 percent strongly prefer the Secret Grip over traditional offerings. Beyond independent testing, the grips continue to receive praise from scores of leading media, including “Top Products from the PGA Show” honors from Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

The principal of using counterweight within golf club design has proven to benefit golfers of all abilities, as strategically placed weight in the butt-end of the shaft produces a higher balance point for smoother, more repeatable swings from driver through putter. Boccieri Golf equipment has played a key role in victories on the PGA, European, Champions, Nationwide, Asian, Canadian and European Challenge Tours, and has received critical acclaim from golf and lifestyle media worldwide.

The full-swing Secret Grip and the putter version may be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Edwin Watts, as well

Golf Training Aid Uses 3D Camera to Produce The Perfect Golf Swing

MYSWINGGURUIf you’ve got a 3D camera, such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows, you can now have your golf swing immediately analyzed and compared to top PGA professionals using a revolutionary golf training aid. Guru Training Systems recently announced their new My Swinguru, which is an intuitive and interactive golf swing analysis software tool that enables self-learning through video recognition.

A golfer simply takes a swing in front of a 3D camera and My Swinguru provides instantaneous visual and audio feedback, detects flaws and recommends customized drills for rapid game improvement. The golfer can also compare his swing to top professional golfers.

More than just video analysis software, My Swinguru is designed to be used in golf simulators, hitting bays, recreational centers, training facilities, retail shops, events or even at home in your garage or in your living room.

“The launch of My Swinguru is an incredible milestone for our company. My Swinguru is our best and most comprehensive software yet. It’s a completely new engine and redesigned interface based on customer feedback from the past 2 years and made everything better: performance and accuracy, user experience, flaws detection, graphics. And it’s still version 1.0, our roadmap is full of future exciting add-ons. We managed to transform gesture recognition technology into a powerful yet simple and easy to use swing analysis software, with no extra expensive hardware required” said CEO Sébastien Wulf.

My Swinguru brings golf swing analysis software into a brand new era for all golfers who want to improve their game. Guru Training Systems is a leading software company that specializes in digital learning, training and teaching golf solutions. The product is available for a 30 day free-trial on the Swingguru website.

Golf Training Aid Investment Opportunity

PERFECT_PITCH_GOLFIf the majority of golf shots are taken near or around the green, why do so few golfers have an efficient short game? Two avid golfers have created a new golf training aid that could answer this question, but they need your help to make their dream a reality.

Jonah Mytro and Clay Hood have created the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat to help amateur golfers improve their setup and improve their results around the green. The goal of the product is to provide an alignment aid to help hit more consistent chip, pitch lob and bunker shots.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is a portable mat (3 lbs) that golfers can use at home, golf range or practice facility. Color coordinated foot and ball markers allow golfers to correctly line up their feet as well as ball position based on desired – red for a chip shot, white for a pitch shot and yellow for a lob or bunker shot. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat golf training aid was developed for golfers of all sizes and skill levels and comes in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of players – junior, medium and large.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat improves five critical areas of the golfer’s setup – stance width, alignment, aim, ball position and distance from the ball. This golf training aid helps golfers consistently feel the proper setup position so they can focus on the shot.

To help with the product launch, Myrto and Hood have set up a funding campaign on with the goal of raising $15,000. Their campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by midnight PST, Saturday, July 20. All money raised will go towards fulfilling their first order of 1,000 mats.

“My teaching experience has shown me that the biggest issue with a golfer’s short game is their setup. Our mats shows golfers how to setup correctly every time”, said Clay Hood, a PGA golf professional with over 10 years of experience teaching golfers of all abilities. “With a good setup, golfers have a much better chance of hitting better shots and shooting lower scores.”

It is estimated that 75% of golfers shoot 90 or above with the average score of an adult golfer at 98.3 (source: National Golf Foundation). With nearly 50% of all golf shots within 50 yards of the green, the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat has helped golfers achieve improved results around the green.

The funding campaign for the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat officially runs until July 20. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is expected to be available for order online on July 25.