Sam Sneed’s Secret to Correct Golf Grip Pressure

Neutral Golf Grip
Neutral Golf Grip

The following is an excerpt from “The Chain Reaction Golf Swing“, available at

It is quite important to fight the urge to grip the club with too much pressure. The looser you keep your grip, the more flexibility and greater distance in the swing. In terms of how much grip pressure you should use, Sam Sneed advocated the same pressure as if you were “caressing a baby bird”.

One of the most common mistakes that golfers make is they tighten or loosen up one of their hands in their grip which can cause a shank or hook. The tightening of the lead hand can cause the ball to shank and tightening of trailing hand will cause the ball to hook.

Consistently work on your grip and you will be creating a solid path for your golf game for the rest of your life. A sound grip makes the game much easier and is the foundation of your swing.

Practice your grip often and you will soon become comfortable adjusting your pressure or even new positions to assist in hitting different shots. A little work in this area will go a long way towards an efficient swing.