Remarkable Chain Reaction Golf Swing Uncovered

Chain Reaction Golf Swing eBook

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Contact: Walter G. Lis

Remarkable Chain Reaction Golf Swing Uncovered
New Golf eBook Drastically Lower Scores

CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 26, 2009 –, the fastest growing resource for free online golf video instruction, has released its first instructional eBook entitled “The Chain Reaction Golf Swing”. The publication was written by Walter G. Lis, an amateur golfer with over 15 years of experience in real world golf research. “The Chain Reaction Golf Swing” uses full color photos to illustrate the simple keys to a high-performance golf swing and shows how those elements react together to produce explosive results for players of all levels of experience and ability.

“This book has been a labor of love borne out of 15 years of personal research to find what works for golfers of average talent like myself,” said Walter G. Lis. “I’ve painstakingly journaled every lesson, swing thought and tip that I’ve learned along the way to assemble a simple swing formula that works like a chain reaction to produce remarkable results, shot after shot.”

Despite all the recent advancements in golf equipment technology, average scores have changed very little over the years. Research by The National Golf Foundation shows that only 22 percent of all golfers regularly score better than 90 for 18 holes on a regulation length course. The average 18-hole score on a full-size course is 97 for men and 114 for women and only 6 percent of men and 1 percent of women say they break 80 regularly.

“The Chain Reaction Golf Swing will help drastically improve your scores by automatically connecting the four components of the golf swing – setup, backswing, downswing and follow through,” said Mr. Lis. “What makes this system work so quickly and effectively is that each component leads naturally and effortlessly into the next. Once you’re on track, you’ll stay on track.”

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