The Simple Secret to Putting Like Steve Stricker


How do you become the No. 2 ranked player in the world? Having a consistent and reliable golf putting stroke is a great place to start. Along with terrific iron play, that’s precisely what current No. 2 Steve Stricker has used to trigger his ascension up the golf rankings.

Stricker’s putting stroke begins with how he sets up with his forearms in line with the putter shaft. You may have noticed over the years how upright Stricker stands at address. This is a result of his left wrist position. One of the keys to the putting set-up is to grip the putter with the left wrist level and not cocked. Here’s how you do it: Extend your left arm out parallel to the ground, in line with your left shoulder while extending your index finger straight ahead and your thumb to the sky. This would be considered a level left wrist as defined to the top of the wrist. Now, cock your wrist so the index finger is pointing more towards the sky and then conversely, un-cock your wrist so the index finger is pointing towards the ground.

One of the most common errors in putting is gripping the lead hand too much in the fingers. This usually creates a cocked left wrist and leads to the right forearm being on a much different angle than the putter shaft. This is evident when you watch a stroke from down the target-line as you will clearly see the putter’s butt-end positioned well below the right forearm.

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