Look Out Simpsons and Family Guy, Here Comes Of Course

Look out Simpsons and Family Guy, FoxSports.com has signed an agreement with Skadaddle Media to run its first animated webisode series set to debut March 1 on MSN. FoxSports.com has will be running 18 5-minute Webisodes biweekly through the end of the year of a new animated golf themed series entitled “Of Course”.

The show is based on “guys talking about what guys talk about around a sports theme,” in a golf environment says Ed Bunnell, senior vice president of content and programming at FOXSports.com. “Sports, in general, provide an escape mechanism for most males. It’s a way to get away from the mundane pieces of their life. Of Course does that in a very entertaining way.”

This new golf-themed animated Web series is based around the lives of four central characters and will eventually incorporate story lines submitted by fans of the show. Show producers are also looking to integrate golf brands into the webisodes.

The person who submitted the best story line will receive a grand prize vacation at Eagle Fall Golf Course in Palm Springs, California, where the webisodes are shot. Skadaddle’s agreement with Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, which owns the Eagle Fall Golf Course in Palm Springs, Calif., allows the group to record episodes on the course one week at a time. The foursome play golf on camera wearing microphones to get the authentic dialog and action that is turned into the animated webisodes.

Click here to visit the show’s website.