Use Your Own Clubs with Golf Launchpad Tour


It’s about this time of year that most golfers in cold weather climates start to really feel the itch to return to the golf course. Since the weather will probably not be conducive to such a return for awhile, it’s important to consider other options to scratch that golf itch.

Once such option is the Golf Launchpad Tour, which is a USB-based golf swing instruction accessory that plugs into your Windows or Mac computer (or PlayStation 3 console) and lets you use your real golf clubs to drive, chip and putt a tethered Surlyn golf ball. The system includes eight sensors that read and process the golf swing impact in real-time – such as clubhead speed, path, angle, and so on – and the result is seen onscreen inside the golf video game, such as EA SPORTS Tigers Woods PGA TOUR.

If you’re looking for an alternative to playing golf in snow and a winter coat, the Golf Launchpad Tour might be worth a look. Click here to learn more.