The Life of John Daly Returns to Reality Television


It’s been nearly twenty years since John Daly burst on to the golf scene with his remarkable PGA Championship victory. Since then there have been many ups and downs for the colorful golf ball smasher. This week Daly begins a new chapter with the premier of his second take on reality television called “Being John Daly”.

Down more than 100 pounds after lap-band surgery shrunk his stomach and restricted his diet, Daly is slimmer, trimmer and sober as he tries to mount yet another comeback. The first episode of his new show airs Tuesday on the Golf Channel. It features a visit to Daly’s bariatric surgeon, undergoing surgery for astigmatism in one eye, playing guitar for friends and carefully folding his obnoxiously loud pants while packing for a tournament.

“We didn’t want a train wreck,” said Tom Stathakes, a senior vice president at Golf Channel. “I think that people know he’s had a drinking issue, people know he’s been married a lot. “I think we wanted to show a little grittier side, that this guy’s a human being, and that he’s trying real hard. And I think the country loves a comeback story.”

A camera crew began following Daly last summer and has chronicled his life on and off the golf course in sharp detail. The Golf Channel plans an eight-part series that will wrap up in April.

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