The Golf Swing App That’s Like Having a Pro in Your Pocket


With the incredibly rapid changes in technology these days, it’s easy to see why virtually nothing stays the same. Take golf instruction tools for example. What was thought revolutionary only 2-3 years ago is now considered archaic technology.

One new product that is certainly a game changer in the golf instruction marketplace is called the Swing At’em professional golf swing analyzer app for iPhone 3G S. It’s the first golf video analyzer application for professional instructors and golfers who are serious about improving their game.

There are quite a few remarkable benefits to the Swing At’em golf app, making it a must for just about any passionate golfer with an iPhone. What’s really nice is that serious golfers can now have a professional eye on their swing anytime they play, without setting up a computer or even video camera.

Swing At’em is a database driven program that enables professional instructors to analyze, annotate and save video clips of their students’ progress. The product is also exceptionally ease to use, with drawing tools that make swing analysis a breeze for any amateur. The Swing At’em also allows you to compare two different swings at once, or even superimposed right on top of each other.

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