First Tiger, Now 3D at the 2010 Masters

The hardest ticket to get in sports just got a little closer to your living room, in a virtual way. The fine folks at Augusta National Golf Club have announced they will show 10 hours of the 2010 Masters in 3D, marking it the first major live sports event to be produced in the enhanced 3D format. specifically for in-home consumption. If you haven’t already, it’s probably time to start investigating available 3D TVs.

Two hours of the event will be broadcast each from the back nine in 3D, including the Par-3 tournament on Wednesday, with the content available for free on to 3D-enabled monitors and media players, and via Comcast Cable via a dedicated channel on its systems to HD customers with a 3D-enabled set. The production will be entirely separate from the reagular broadcast produced by ESPN and CBS.

Golf has been a sport of particular interest to 3D advocates due to the deep immersiveness of the outdoor surroundings in the format and the relative lack of fast-shifting action that can cause queasiness among some viewers. But the huge physical expanse of any championship golf course has proven to be an operational challenge during many early private 3D golf tests.

Augusta National Chair Billy Payne in a statement said, “Utilizing this technology marks another important milestone in allowing our at-home patrons to better experience the beauty of our course and excitement of our tournament. We consider ourselves fortunate to be a leader in providing this technology, thanks in large part to our valuable partners who share in our commitment to deliver a meaningful and memorable viewing experience.”