Solve Your Swing With V1 Golf for the iPhone

V1 Golf for iPhoneIf you’ve had your golf swing analyzed using video by a PGA Professional, there’s a very good chance that the software was V1 Golf from Interactive Frontiers. Now this same technology is available for the iPhone with V1 Golf for the iPhone. With this new application, you can record your swing and compare it side by side with top PGA pros to see exactly what you need to work on.

The new V1 Golf app allows golfers to capture, compare and analyze their swing right on their iPhone. This app features a suite of drawing tools, model library, record and playback functionality and access to the V1 Golf Academy locker.

V1 Golf is the only golf iPhone app that allows you to compare your golf swing side-by-side with an available library of Tour professionals.The latest update adds support for 15 frames-per-second video capture to iPhone and iPhone 3G models; iPhone 3GS users can capture video at 30fps.

Besides storing videos at the site, you also have them on your device, where you can organize in them different folders–favorites, woods, irons, face-on, down the line, and so on. Once you have recorded your golf swing you can play it back in slow motion as well as scrub forward and backward to any point in the video. You can also trim your video down by deleting frames as well as share it through e-mail.

V1 Golf has a library of many pro golfers’ swings from both face-on and down-the-line points of view. There’s also several tips and drills from the pros covering everything from arm position, follow though, and posture to chipping, wedge shots, and pre-shot routines. Many of these drills are quite insightful and could go a long way in helping you improve your golf game.

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