Dreamstreet Golf Creates Major Buzz for Fantasy Golf

DREAMSTREET GOLFAIDWho will win PGA golf’s next four majors? A unique new fantasy golf game is giving fans an opportunity to test their major tournament prediction skills for the chance to win some major prizes.

Introducting Dreamstreet Golf, a national fantasy golf league started by golf fan Bill Hefferan that features a player “draft” similar to many fantasy football and baseball games. Points are awarded based on a golfer’s finish — from 30 for first place, 29 for second place and counting down to one point for 30th place.

The plan is for online leagues of 10 members to draft for the three remaining majors — the U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. The winners of each league advance to the Tour Championship, where they will pick seven of the 30 golfers and designate a winner.

Hefferan’s company is in the process of putting together prizes for each league winner and a grand prize, which might include a golfing trip to Ireland.

“I looked into fantasy golf and I said, ‘what a big industry,'” Hefferan said. “Through the draft, you have to see the research that goes in. We have to be very knowledgeable. When you look at most fantasy leagues, it’s the top players. We have to go 100 deep. You get to know the players you are going up against in your own draft. It’s really a skilled-based interest.”

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