Do Government-Owned Golf Courses Have an Unfair Advantage?

PUBLIC GOLFWhen it comes to golf courses, there are basically two groups of owners – private owners and government-owned courses. According to the National Golf Foundation, nearly 21 percent of all public golf courses are government-owned.

The argument against government-owned golf courses is usually based on an opinion that golf is an “inappropriate activity” for government or that government courses compete “unfairly” against private sector daily-fee operators.

Based on the long history and number of government-owned courses, this category of golf is woven into the fabric of golf in this country and is an important segment of the game.

Government-owned golf provides the “playing fields for the masses.” It is also the “point of entry” for a great many players. I submit that keeping golf accessible – to as many people as possible – is a very good thing?

Government is motivated to go into the golf business for many reasons. The most common reasons are to serve its citizens and provide a healthy recreational activity. to read the full article.