3 Golf Pitch Shots That Could Save Your Round

GOLF PITCH SHOTYou’re faced with a golf pitch shot about 15 or 20 yards in front of the green. It’s this type of shot in which you need options if you’re going to get up and down consistently. Here are three types of shots that you can use to your advantage – a low shot, a medium shot or a high, soft flop shot.

When setting up for a low trajectory pitch shot, a very important thing to understand is the shaft angle needs to be set forward and stay in that position through impact. You’ll also want to move a little closer to the golf ball, so the ball releases quickly towards the hole. The keys here are to keep the golf club shaft angle forward at impact, get closer to the golf ball and then set the golf ball a little back of middle in your stance.

Another fundamental to remember with all three of these shots is to hit down on the golf ball. Many golfers mistakenly try and lift the golf ball in the air resulting in a chunky shot or a thin one that releases all the way across the green.

Make sure you set up with the shaft angle forward at address so you can return to that shaft angle at impact. Get closer to the golf ball, hit down into the golf ball and you’ll produce a low running shot.

With the medium pitch shot, we’re going to set up with ball in the middle of our stance, the shaft angle is going to be straight up from the golf ball and we’re also going to be our usual distance from the golf ball. This golf swing is a short, descending blow that will fly towards the green with a little more loft and a little less release. This is probably the most consistent pitch shot to hit and should be your first choice around the greens if possible.

The final pitch shot is a soft, high shot or “flop” shot. This is the shot that everyone loves to hit, but it’s also the hardest and most difficult shot to repeat.

Setting up to a flop shot, you’ll need to open the clubface and move farther away from the golf ball. Since we move closer to the golf ball for the lower running shot, we’re going step a couple balls back away from your normal stance for this high-loft shot. Also, remember to aim your clubface where you want the golf ball to go first then set your body around that position.

For this golf shot, you’ll want your clubface aimed to the target but your stance will be open approximately 15-20 degrees. This shot requires a bit longer golf swing, right along your body line. A bigger swing with an open club face will launch the ball high and will also limit how far the ball releases after impact.

With all three of these shots, remember to hit down into the golf ball, there’s no scooping allowed. Also, be sure to survey the situation before you decide which of these golf shots to hit. There is definitely some risk/reward involved in this decision that could have a huge impact on your success.