British Open Champ Oosthuizen Buys Custom Farm Tractor

LOUISAfter his shocking triumph at St. Andrews, British Open champion Louis Oosthuizen has become golf latest superstar. With that title comes fame and fortune unlike anything he’s ever experienced. However, unlike many players, Oosthuizen’s first major purchase is staying close to his roots.

“I bought the tractor for my farm. Being a farm boy it was one of my big dreams. “I’ll have a kiddie seat on it for my daughter Jana,” the 27-year-old South African told reporters in Sweden on Wednesday, on the eve of the Scandinavian Masters at the Bro Hof Slott course near Stockholm.

Oosthuizen, who won at St Andrews by seven strokes, also enjoyed another concession to his new-found fame and riches. “Flying in this morning by private jet… It’s all starting to sink in,” he said.

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