Fix Your Golf Grip With Thumb Caddy

THUMB CADDYWe all know that a great golf swing begins with the proper grip. So why do golfers struggle with this seemingly simple component of the game? The answer is debatable, but there seems to be a never-ending supply of golf grip training aids to help vanquish this stubborn problem.

One training aid that is receiving some attention lately is The Thumb Caddy. The goal of this product is to help players improve their golf game by perfecting the grip, which is certainly a worthy goal. This device is rubber-coated plastic that snaps directly on your grip.

The Thumb Caddy ensures a proper grip in the following three ways:

1) It keeps your thumb and grip secure. This prevents re-gripping as you swing, resulting in a square club face and straighter, longer shots.

2) It promotes optimum grip pressure and prevents you from gripping the club too tightly, what the pros call “the death grip.” The club should be held lightly enough to allow for plenty of wrist freedom and feel, but firmly enough to maintain control throughout your swing.

3) It can be repositioned to help eliminate a hook or slice. Simply turn the Thumb Caddy away from the front shoulder to eliminate a slice and turn it toward your rear shoulder to get rid of hooks. With a solid grip, everything else falls into place to develop a more effective and repeatable swing.

According to Barry Goldstein, professional instructor at Inverrary Country Club in Fort Lauderdale, “The Thumb Caddy is a very simple, affordable and effective tool which will assist any golfer who wants to improve their ability to be more consistent. The Thumb Caddy lets my students feel the correct grip which is essential for perfect ball striking. I am very confident the Thumb Caddy will make millions of golfers better players.”

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