Golf Swing Fix – How to Swing Like You Practice

SWING SUNSETWhy are most golfers able to make a beautiful practice swing and then lose that rhythm in their actual swing? According to leading PGA professional Dr. Jim Suttie, the main reason is that the “hit” impulse comes into play. The hit impulse can be described as the golfer’s desire to hit at an object instead of simply swinging through an area.

Good players have what we call “incidental” contact. In other words, the ball just gets in the way of the swinging club. Sometimes, the golf swing can be a difficult thing to master.

For example: (1) We are standing to the side of the object to be hit instead of facing the target; (2) We are asked to focus on three things at the same time: the swing, hitting the ball, and the target; (3) We are asked to use an underhand, sidearm throwing action to hit the ball; (4) We are using a long stick with a small clubface on it, which requires the golfer to constantly repeat and come through an impact area that demands a very small margin of error; and (5) Finally, the clubface must be square to the target at impact.

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