David Duval Replaces Nike With Perky Jerky

DUVAL PERKY JERKYDavid Duval enjoyed best season on the PGA Tour this year since 2001. With that success comes exempt status on the 2011 Tour along with increased opportunities for sponsorship.

As his long-term deal with Nike has ended, Duval has chosen a new brand to appear on his golf bag. One of the Duval’s new sponsors for 2011 is Perky Jerky (perkyjerky.com), the ultra-premium jerky flavored with a hint of guarana that’s gaining fast fame across the country.

“Perky Jerky has quickly become one of the most popular snacks amongst the worlds best athletes because of its high-protein, low-carb count and excellent taste”, said Brian Levin, founder of Perky Jerky. “David Duval is the consummate professional on the PGA Tour, so we’re extremely proud to have him as the newest member of the Perky Jerky team. We’re looking forward to partnering with David in his quest to re-gain his world number one status and adding more major championships to his already impressive golf resume.”

Four years ago during a ski lift calamity, Perky Jerky’s founders spilled energy drink all over their stash of beef jerky. Stranded, hungry and 40-feet off the ground, they ate the soaked jerky and realized they were on to something. Three years in the kitchen and hundreds of homemade jerky recipes later, Perky Jerky was perfected and launched in 2009. In just one year, Perky Jerky has quickly reached stratospheric levels of popularity amongst athletes, moms, students, troops and truckers alike. Recently, Perky Jerky was awarded five out of five stars from superstar chef Tom Colicchio and Maxim magazine.

“Perky Jerky’s 2.2 ounce pack fits perfectly into my golf bag and gives me the fuel I need to play 18 holes,” said David Duval. “I’m proud to be the newest member on the Perky Jerky team and I’m looking forward to being involved with the snack everyone is raving about on the PGA tour.