Golf At Any Angle Could Change Your Golf Practice Routine

golf at any angleAs most golf teaching professionals are acutely aware, amateur golfers have a tendency to practice what they’re good at and avoid the shots that need work. However, some shots that we all need practice with are often difficult to simulate on the driving range.

Most golf practice facilities are equipped with flat practice surfaces, but very few offer the chance to practice up hill, down hill and side hill shots. However, one young entrepreuner has created a solution that is attracting a great deal of buzz in the golf business this winter.

University of Iowa student Scott Pralle has created Golf At Any Angle, which is a state of the art practice platform that allows golfers to practice just about any shot faced on the golf course. Golf At Any Angle is a portable practice platform that comes can be adjusted in 5 and 10 degree increments to simulate multiple lies. This new product helps golfers learn how to maintain their spine with the ball below or above their feet as well as up hill or down hill lies.

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