Practice With Tiger Woods Golf Swing App

TIGER WOODS MYSWINGHere’s your chance to improve your golf game alongside Tiger Woods as he improves himself. For the first time ever, Tiger has produced his own smart phone swing app, available for purchase through the iTunes store.

“With the new My Swing App I get instant feedback on my swing whether I’m out on Tour or practicing at home,” said Tiger. “This device gives me with all the tools necessary to analyze and break down my own swing, and best of all I don’t need another set of eyes or expensive equipment to do it.”

Tiger’s app offers a feature that allows anyone to compare side-by-side their swing with the four-time Masters champion. Woods promises exclusive updates along with information about his life on Tour though the app. It also provides a how-to video directly from Tiger covering swing analysis as well as exclusive video updates for members only.

The app is priced at $9.99. “We want to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Foundation, and it’s a way for anyone who participates in the game of golf to use the same technology that I use on a daily basis,” he explained. “That’s how I make the swing changes with Sean. I take a video of my swing. So I use it almost daily. And there’s no reason why anyone else can’t.”

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