TopGolf Brings Fun and Entertainment to Golf

TOPGOLFIt could be the perfect way to practice your ballstriking and enjoy the game of golf. It’s also a fun way for even non-golfers to learn and enjoy the game. It’s called TopGolf and if you live near one of their locations, consider yourself extremely fortunate.

TopGolf is a sports entertainment facility that features a golf game that uses microchip technology inside standard regulation golf balls that are shot into several targets to score points. TopGolf stands for Target Oriented Practice Golf and there are currently seven locations worldwide, four in the United States and three in the United Kingdom.

TopGolf facilities are essentially high-tech driving ranges where you’ll receive electronic feedback on every shot you hit. Using your own golf clubs and premium golf balls, you can either practice or play a point-scoring game.

You’ll hit shots onto a landscaped field with targets ranging in distance from 20 to 240 yards. After your shot, you’ll receive instant feedback on distance and location, while earning points based on your accuracy to a target.

TopGolf was invented by a British Company that spent over $20 million and 7 years developing, testing and perfecting the technology, systems and facilities behind TopGolf. It’s a terrific way to enjoy the game in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

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