Metal Core Golf Ball Takes Shape

OMEN GOLF BALLOnCore Golf Technology, Inc. has introduced the world’s first hollow metal core golf ball. The ball was originally developed by NanoDynamics and launched in 2005 as the NDMX ball. After NanoDynamics closed in 2009, the original inventor of the ball continued to work on improving the technology and helped found OnCore.

A hollow metal core is a radical new approach to the design of a golf ball. This unique core concept shifts weight to the outside of the ball and changes the spin characteristics. According to the manufacturer, in addition to reduced hooking and slicing, putting lines on this ball are straighter.

The original NDMX ball developed by NanoDynamics was approved and listed as a conforming ball by the USGA. However, since the design has been improved, it will have to be resubmited to the USGA for testing.

“The OmenTM is a patented ball unlike any on the market today,” according to Doug Dufaux, vice president of technology and inventor of the ball. “We believe that this ball is, by far, the straightest off the tee and the most accurate for the short and putting games. By designing with a proprietary hollow metal core and advanced polymeric mantle and cover materials, we have created a ball that will show reduced side spin while maintaining desirable backspin properties.”

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