Golf Apps to Fix Your Golf Swing With Technology

tigerappGolf apps for your smartphone have been around for awhile, but they still seem to be relevant, as evidenced by their continuing evolution. There’s virtually an app for every swing and every golfer.

Golf-related apps were among the early entrants in Apple’s App Store and the Android Market, but the software lineup has improved significantly with time.

Among my golf instruction apps, one is new this season (Tiger Woods: My Swing, $10 on Apple), one features recent upgrades (Golfplan with Paul Azinger, $1 on Apple) and one started out solid and has remained so (iSwing Golf, $3 on Android and Apple).

Unfortunately for Android-loving golfers, the newest is also the best. Tiger Woods: My Swing is the coolest and most refined swing-improvement app I’ve seen.

With My Swing, you use the video camera on the iPhone or iPad 2 to record your swing from two angles, and watch it in high definition. You can slow down the video or freeze it at different points to study your mechanics.

You need a friend (or a specially equipped tripod) to hold the device, but My Swing includes some nice touches to help capture a good swing for viewing. The viewfinder shows the outline of a golfer addressing the ball, so you need only place the video subject within those outlines.

You can also preview a swing to decide whether it’s a fair enough representation to proceed with the swing analysis. Here — in the app’s swing analysis features — is where My Swing justifies its $10 price tag.

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