Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder Brings Laser and GPS Together

bushnell_hybrid_rangefinderGolfers no longer have to choose between a laser or GPS golf rangefinder with the new Bushnell Hybrid – a combination laser golf rangefinder with GPS. Retailing for $499, the Hybrid is the combination rangefinder in the market.

The laser rangefinding technology in the Hybrid provides precise distances within one yard. The Hybrid’s GPS function gives golfers access to more than 16,000 pre-loaded North American golf courses.

Another cool feature of the Hybrid is the shot distance mode that helps you gauge how far your golf shot travelled. Knowing the exact lasered distance to the flag, as well as the GPS provided distance to the front, center and back of the green, should provide the information necessary to improve your scores immediately. In addition, the Hybrid is legal for tournament play under USGA decision 14-3/0.5 that permits a committee to establish a local rule that allows a player to use a distance-measuring device to obtain distance information.

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