Golf Outing Shoe Shine Service Takes Off

SHINETTES SHOE SERVICEIf you think the golf outing business seems a bit stale, you’re not alone. Although there have been some unique ideas, most golf outings rely on the same presentation and on-course offerings that have been used over the past 30-40 years.

That’s probably why a unique new business called Shinettes Shoe Service is experiencing rapid growth in the Chicago area. What was originally a niche marketing program has leveraged its value, uniqueness and portability by successfully providing golf shoe shining services on the course at many popular golf events.

The goal for Shinettes is to provide a unique service to the participants of the golf outing by offering either shoe shining services or cleat cleaning as an additive to the golf event. Golf outings tend to offer Shinettes as a complimentary service for participants of the outing as sponsored by the organizer or a corporate sponsor; much in the same way that many country clubs offer shoe shining service for their members.

Golf courses and outing managers are thrilled with their high level of professionalism and valuable services. Golfers appreciate the opportunity to relax in one of their custom shoe shine chairs, have their cleats cleaned or shoes shined and have an interesting conversation with one of the Shinettes.

The Shinettes have worked with many large charity golf events throughout the Chicagoland area, including the Bo Jackson Foundation Charity Golf Outing. They’ve also participated in a number of smaller scale outings and are looking to expand beyond the Chicago golf area in the near future.

Visit the Shinettes Shoe Service website for more information.