Local Golf Pro Plays 180 Holes in 24 Hours

JOSH MARRISIf you think PGA Tour players have it rough playing 18 holes of golf every day, how about 180 holes of golf in 24 hours? Recently, an Australian man competed that task, playing 10 rounds of golf in a single day to raise money for cancer research.

Josh Marris, a local golf professional, began his conquest early in the dark morning using glowing golf balls. He completed his amazing day of golf by finishing his final hole with five minutes to spare.

Marris said he was told he was crazy when he announced he would raise money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research by playing golf continuously for 24 hours. His family has been plagued with multiple cancer diagnosis’ over the past few years and he felt this was the time to take a stand for cancer research.

“I’d been thinking about it, talking about it, but in the end no amount of preparation was enough,” said Marris. “The challenge was far, far greater than I expected. I felt good after the first round but during the second round my golf swing started to fatigue. The most difficult part was between 12.30AM and 3AM. I was on my own and jogging in between shots because I knew I was running behind time.

I’ve completed the challenge but people are still fighting cancer, so I’m hoping more donations come in to reach my target of $20,000.”

Donations can be made at joshmarris.com. Click here for more information.