Who Else Wants Golf’s Secret Oil of Success?

SWING TRUST OIL'Just about every golfer has purchased something to help their game from a virtual snake oil salesman or at least from a company with a similar type of pitch. However, very few golfers have actually purchased the snake oil itself… until now.

A South Dakota company recently introduced a shocking new aroma therapy product to help golfers that actually might be better snake oil; it might be the real deal. Play with Trust LLC just launched Swing Trust Oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils including: bergamot, cedar atlas, clary sage, red cedarwood, ylang-ylang and grape seed. The distinctive aroma of this blend can improve golfer’s concentration and relaxation.

Hook the handsome keychain flask on your golf bag and take a whiff of Swing Trust oil throughout your round. Feel a bit anxious on the tee? Take a whiff. Can’t decide what club to hit? Take a whiff.

“Swing Trust Oil is designed to help golfers reduce tension, build confidence in their game and improve their mental focus,” said Chad Van Den Top, President of Play with Trust LLC. “Calming the nerves, eliminating the yips and sharpening one’s focus can help “center” the golfer. Using Swing Trust Oil brings a new dimension to the game that focuses on the mind, rather than technique. When the mind is sharp and clear, it follows that the game is sharp and clear.”

Swing Trust Oil was developed by golf professional Chad Van Den Top who started using different blends of essential oils to create his “swing oil,” taking a sniff of the formulation when he felt the yips coming on or simply needed to gain confidence before a difficult shot. While his playing partners used their own version of “swing oil” (alcohol) to settle their nerves during play, Chad began sharing his aromatherapy blend, thus creating a demand for a natural, non-technique means of enhancing concentration and game performance.

Learn more about Swing Trust Oil by calling 888-831-4854 or at www.swingtrustoil.com.