4 Steps to Belly Putter Fitting

PHIL_BELLY_PUTTERGetting properly fit for your belly putter is essential to success of the hottest club on Tour. If you watch the Golf Channel, you’ll notice that belly putters are posting numerous wins on the PGA Tour and even more success in the retail stores, with both Cleveland Golf and TaylorMade forecasting 300% growth in belly putter sales. Even Phil Mickelson, master of the putting green, is using a belly putter.

As with most golf equipment, much of your success will depend on how well your club fits your body and your swing. With a general length range of between 40 to 45 inches, belly putters feature a much longer shaft compared to traditional putters, which typically come in lengths of 33 to 35 inches.

There are four major keys to fitting any putter to any golfer. Firstly, the eyes should come to rest over the ball, directly above the target line. This helps make sure the leading edge of the putter is lined up at a right angle to the intended target.

Secondly, your arms should hang directly under your shoulders with a slight flex at the elbows. This position promotes a natural pivoting motion along the target path. If the golfer is correctly in the position, it allows them to focus purely on the speed of the stroke.

The third primary key is to make sure your hips are lined up over your heels. This promotes proper balance during the stroke and also allows the golfer to keep their head completely still, which will help achieve consistent contact with the golf ball.

When the hips are centered over the heels, the player is balanced over the center of the feet. When a player is balanced over the center of their feet, they are able to keep their body and head still during the putting stroke which leads to solid and consistent contact with the golf ball.

The final step is where the length of putter shaft comes into play. A properly measured putter should simply connect the distance from where the eyes hit the ground and where the arms hang naturally under the shoulders. The club head of the belly putter should rest flush on the ground. If the toe or heel is off the ground, the ball will tend to travel off line.

Before you purchase your belly putter, make sure you get it properly fit to these standards. An improperly fit belly putter can actually cause your score more harm than your current putter!