Bad Golf Weather No Longer a Problem With Nike Lunar Bandon

NIKE_LUNAR_BANDONGet ready to add another piece of equipment to your bad weather golf arsenal with the introduction of the new Nike Lunar Bandon golf shoe. The sportswear giant believes these new kicks can match whatever harsh weather a player might face on the golf course, while keeping their feet warm and dry. These new weatherproof golf shoes are designed for all elements – whether hot, dry, wet or soggy.

In creating the Nike Lunar Bandon, the company looked to add the ultimate in protection and playability for footwear under the most difficult conditions on the golf course. According to Nike Golf’s Footwear Product Director Lee Walker, “You have outerwear, all-weather gloves, and covers for your golf bag. We wanted to complement that with a shoe that works with the rest of your gear to protect while it performs. In some climates, if you waited for fair weather days, you wouldn’t have many options to get out and play. In the Lunar Bandon, golfers have a shoe that allows them to practice and play in any condition.”

For the past few years, golf shoe manufacturers and golf retailers have been looking to feed the public’s interest in footwear that doesn’t look or feel like regular golf shoes. Many of the latest shoe models have featured ultra lightweight, low profile shoes that place an emphasis on comfort and flexibility. Many of the games top stars now wear these types of low profile “slippers” including legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Ernie Els, winner of the 2012 Open Championship, has played many competitive tournaments recently wearing the casual street-style Callaway Del Mar golf shoe. “I can’t recommend them highly enough,” said Els. “You can basically put them on in the morning, drive to the golf course and walk straight on to the first tee.”

The Nike Lunar Bandon is an even less traditional golf shoe than the street-style shoes that Els wears. Featuring a bright, asymmetrical zipper across the top of the shoe, the Nike Lunar Bandon provides a waterproof shield and higher silhouette than traditional golf shoes to better exist with rain pants. The shoe utilizes an integrated traction design on the outsole that is engineered to help eliminate clogging and increase ground contact. It also offers speed lacing with a simple toggle to help the fastening process and a notched-out heal to maximize walking comfort.

The Nike Lunar Bandon will be available at retail stores starting in October with a minimum advertised price of $139. This type of bad weather shoe could be the next necessary component for golfers around the world.

Learn more about the Nike Lunar Bandon at their website.