Digital Golf Swing Analysis With SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

SWINGSMARTIf you’re looking to take the next step towards a better golf swing, the answer could soon be in your hands. Illinois-based NewSpin Golf recently announced an innovative golf swing analyzer called SwingSmart that provides in-depth information on critical elements of a golfer’s swing.

The product includes a Bluetooth-enabled sensor module that is attached to the shaft of any golf club. The wireless device then communicates a digital swing analysis via a free app for iPad, iPhone or iPod devices. The SwingSmart was just named “Best App for Instant Feedback” by GOLF Magazine.

The SwingSmart is highly powerful tool with the ability to quickly identify helpful data and instantly transfer it to a user’s iPhone or iPad. With the SwingSmart, you’ll see valuable statistics about your golf swing such as tempo, swing speed, face angle and angle of attack. The app provides a “3-D Swing-View” that shows 360-degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle. In addition, the system provides info on a player’s putting stroke to help them improve their short game scoring.

“We worked very hard to bring this product to market and are extremely proud to see our innovative technology recognized for the benefits it provides golfers of all skill levels,” says Angelo Papadourakis, CEO of NewSpin Golf. “SwingSmart delivers instant access to detailed, easy to interpret information that will lead to lasting performance improvement.”

Designed and assembled in the USA, SwingSmart’s portable sensor module comes with a personal carrying case and rechargeable battery that lasts more than four hours. Recognized by PGA Professionals as a way to augment lessons, the app is available for free download via the iTunes store and will soon be offered on the Android Marketplace.

The SwingSmart is available for purchase online for $249.99. For more information, visit the SwingSmart website.