Scot W.R. Nei Named 2012 Golf Business Innovator of the Year

SCOT NEIAccording to the PGA of America, there are over 27,000 male and female golf professionals who work tirelessly to help teach, manage and grow the game of golf. The impact that a great teacher can make with a student within the great game of golf can be enormous. Few instructors have made a bigger impact on the game this past year than Scot W.R. Nei, which is why we are proud to announce Scot as our 2012 Golf Business Innovator of the Year.

Scot has coupled his vision and understanding of the golf swing with the Golf Robot from Tourbound Golf Academy, a game-changing device that helps golfers learn improve their swing by feel. Nei’s Golf Robot looks like an arcade game with a golf club attached. Students grab the club grip on the Golf Robot and literally feel what a fluid golf swing feels like. Nei controls the path of the club using a computer that drives the Golf Robot.

Instead of using swing thoughts, positions and complicated analysis, the genius of Nei’s system is its simplicity. Take a few swings on the Golf Robot and let your muscle memory take over. He’s literally giving your brain a road map of your perfect swing on the same path, building new muscle memory with every swing.

It’s an exceptionally quick and concise system to remove the paralysis by analysis that so many golfers struggle with. It’s also a wonderfully stress-free to way for golfers of all skill levels enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Scot Nei entered the PGA Apprentice Program in 1989 and is widely recognized as one of golf’s hardest working and most innovative instructors. He’s worked on the golf swing with top instructors such as Rick Smith, Claude Harmon and Dave Pelz. He’s also coached golfers of all skills levels, from beginners to top touring professionals.

Incorporating his extensive knowledge of the golf swing with the revolutionary technology of the Golf Robot is where Nei truly earns acknowledgement as Golf Business Innovator of the Year. At a time when more people are leaving the game due to frustration with the complexity of the swing, Nei’s ground-breaking approach could signal the future of golf improvement globally.

The Golf Robot, used in conjunction with a trained golf professional, has helped absolute beginners learn the golf swing and experience astounding results on the golf course in a fraction of the time of traditional teaching methods. Since the computer-driven process is completely customizable for the strengths and weaknesses of each golfer, Nei’s system is also a perfect resource for top players who have lost their “feel” or who are looking advance their technique. With the Golf Robot, you can even simulate the golf swing feel of top PGA Tour professionals such as Tiger Woods and Jim Fuyrk.

Scot Nei and the Golf Robot are located in downtown Chicago, IL, with plans to expand globally. To learn more about Scot Nei or to schedule a lesson with the Golf Robot, visit the Tourbound Golf Academy website.

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  1. Scott Watson says:

    I had the opportunity to take a lesson with Scot and see the robot that is the new technology for teaching. Scot and the robot were both amazing. I played professional golf and feel that I have good knowledge of the golf swing however the information that I received from Scot was eye opening and I felt more informed about the things I need to work on. Scot and the robot are a must see!!!! Thanks scot.

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