SkyCaddie Unveils The Latest Technology in Golf Rangefinders

SKYCADDIE_WATCHTrusting your distance control is a must for any golfer looking to save shots in the heat of competition. Part of that trust comes from knowing your yardage is as accurate as possible. The new technologies available with rangefinders are making finding yardages faster, easier and more accurate than ever before.

Recently SkyGolf showcased their new SkyCaddie Sport Series of rangefinders at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida. The company offers multiple levels of rangefinders, targeted for all levels of golfer. Some highlights of the new SkyCaddie line include the SkyCaddie Watch, which will sell for $199. For golfers who prefer a handheld with large, easy-to-read numbers, SkyCaddie is introducing the Gimme at $169. The Sport Series also includes the SkyCaddie Aire, a mini hand-held device that is priced at $129.

An innovative new part of the Sport Series is the SkyCaddie Voice, which offers distance information in multiple languages. This small, lightweight device clips to a cap, visor or belt and sells for $150. With a simple tap, the Voice announces distances to the center of the green. Double tap the Voice for front and back of green distances.

“We realize that there are competitive golfers at all skill levels who insist on every advantage, who want to win every match and demand the very best. For these golfers, we have the #1 rated and most trusted rangefinders in golf with our Tour Series that includes our advanced SGXw, SGX and the new simple, but highly accurate Breeze. And, then there are golfers who play for fun and the sport of game, who want simplicity without compromising reliability. With the introduction of our exciting Sport Series, SkyCaddie now has a rangefinder for every golfer and every retailer’s customer profile. Starting at only $129, we have a SkyCaddie to fit in any format, size and pocketbook, too,” said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf.

“SkyCaddie is #1 rated and trusted by more serious golfers than all other competitors combined thanks to the unmatched accuracy of our Tour Series. Now, with the Sport Series, golfers don’t have to compromise on reliability to save money or to get a device in their preferred format. No one has more options than SkyCaddie when it comes to rangefinders and no rangefinder outperforms a SkyCaddie, unless it’s another SkyCaddie.”

Golfers can reduce the price of the Watch, Gimme, Aire or Voice even more with the SkyCaddie Trade-In program. Trade in your used SkyCaddie, laser rangefinder or unwanted golf clubs, and you could find significant savings. Visit the SkyCaddie website for more information on the trade-in programs.