Golf Skate Caddy Combines Surfing, Skateboarding and Golf

GOLF_SKATE_CADDYIf you consider the use of a motorized golf cart a treat on a long, hot afternoon on the golf course, your perspective is about to change. Introducing the Golf Skate Caddy, a revolutionary new way to skate around the golf course. Yes, I did mean “skate”.

The Golf Skate Caddy combines elements of surfing, skateboarding and golf into one very cool package that will transport you and your golf clubs around the course. Powered by a lithium iron battery, the product includes a drink holder, scorecard holder, wind resistant umbrella and even a seat for in between shots. It could be the perfect choice for golfers who abhor golf carts yet could use some additional assistance in their five-mile walk.

The Golf Skate Caddy comes from the land down under, as evidenced by kangaroos in their cool promo video. The developers of the product are Douglas Mizzi and Mathew Quinn, who took their cues from gorgeous vistas and easy-going tempo of South East Queensland, Australia. “We wanted to bring an element of excitement back to the game, something that a player could enjoy in addition to a great shot and a great view and we knew that had to be their mode of travel” said Douglad Mizzi.

Riders of the Golf Skate Caddy use a skateboard stance and turn their board by leaning left or right while holding onto the mono handle for stability. The acceleration and braking are controlled by a trigger controller held in the other hand.

The product is currently available in two models for purchase on the Golf Skate Caddy website. A standard model sells for $2,600 and the Dragon Golf version is priced at $3,200.