GolfTEC Celebrates Four Millionth Lesson

GOLFTEC_LOGO2According to a recent survey, the average American golfer spends nearly $3,000 annually on the game of golf. Although equipment and greens fees make up the majority, a portion of this investment typically goes towards golf lessons and game improvement.

Playing a big role in the golf improvement category is GolfTEC, a global leader in golf improvement that claims to give more than 25% of all private golf lessons in North America annually. The company has 600 GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches at 170 centers worldwide, including 68 within Golfsmith stores. Nearly 2% of all golf professionals work for GolfTEC.

GolfTEC recently celebrated “Four Millionth Lesson Day” in honor of the company passing the four-million mark in golf lessons given. Co-founders Joe Assell and Mike Clinton launched the company in 1995 and have grown it into the largest provider of game improvement in the industry.

“It is extremely satisfying and exciting for GolfTEC to give our four millionth lesson,” said Joe Assell. “We have been counting down the number and knew it was coming, realizing this would mark a special time in our history of helping golfers get better and have more fun playing the game.”

The first GolfTEC learning center opened on April 10, 1995, in the Denver Tech Center area mall. The original concept from the earliest days remains the company’s core principle: Combining coaches, computers and motion technology to give exceptional fact-based golf instruction that can be measured and verified.

Most GolfTEC lessons are taught by Certified Personal Coaches one-on-one in private, indoor bays that maximize the learning experience and utilize proprietary teaching technology to help golfers improve their skills and increase their enjoyment of the game.

According to the company, through their 4 million golf lessons, over 80 million golf balls have been hit, 160 million minutes of golf swing video have been captured and 1.92 billion motion measurements have been captured by gSWING, GolfTEC’s proprietary software. GolfTEC Improvement Centers can be found in almost all major U.S. cities, Canada, Japan and Korea. To learn more, visit the GolfTEC website.