The 8-Week Golf Improvement Program on DVD

TOURAcademy Home EditionOn the PGA TOUR there are four major golf championships and The PLAYERS Championship, which typically is mentioned as a would-be fifth major. The PLAYERS is managed by the PGA TOUR and is contested at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

For golfers who are looking to learn the game of golf or drop strokes from their handicap, the PGA TOUR created the TOURAcademy Home Edition, which is an 8-week golf improvement program presented by PGA instructors that was filmed at TPC Sawgrass, home of The PLAYERS and the PGA TOUR. The TOURAcademy Home Edition features top quality golf video instruction that you can use on your own schedule.

The program is hosted by the likable CBS golf analyst Ian Baker-Finch and features instruction from TOURAcademy instructors with highly focused lessons and practice sessions. If you like learning at your own pace, this is a great solution.

At $180 or 3 payments of $59.99, the TOURAcademy Home Edition isn’t cheap. However, it does present an incredible amount of materials and information along with the highest possible quality of golf instruction. It also includes free shipping to the USA or Canada and comes with a 60-day no-hassle money back guarantee.

TOURAcademy Home EditionThe product provides ten DVDs containing 28 lessons and practice sessions that are broken down by ability – white track for all abilities, blue track for advanced golfers. You’ll also receive an 8-week calendar and practice guide, two golf training aids and a 100+ page TOURAcademy┬« instruction book.

TOURAcademy Home Edition does a nice job of adding value for any golfer, from novice to advanced by providing quality structured practice based on skill development and building a golf swing from the ground up. As most golfers know, eight weeks is typically not enough time to learn the game, but this program will do a good job of equipping a player who’s never swung a golf club before with a basic, functioning golf swing. There’s also a lot of great insight into the golf swing that will help even low handicappers.

Here’s what covered in the TOURAcademy Home Edition DVDs:

1: The Set-Up – Grip, Posture, and Alignment
2: Rolling It – The Essentials of Putting
3: The Impact Zone – Educate the Hands
4: Learning Small Swings – Chipping
5: Developing Body Motion – The Pivot
6: Mastering Intermediate Distances – Pitching
7: Synchronizing Body and Club – The Full Swing
8: Power and Distance – Driving with Authority
9: Specialty Shots – Lob and Bunker
10: Troubleshooting – Ball Flight Laws, Tips, and More.

There’s no such thing as a quick fix in golf, however, there are plenty of products that provide poor quality information that slow progress or even hurt your golf game. The TOURAcademy Home Edition won’t replace Butch Harmon, Sean Foley or your local PGA TOUR professional. But what will do is provide you with a solid resource library of golf tips and instruction that you’ll use for the rest of your life.