Category Definitions

  • Bunker Shots – are played when the ball is in a bunker or sand trap. It resembles a pitch shot and is done with a wedge.
  • Chip Shots – are low approach shots where the ball takes a shallow flight and rolls toward the pin on the green. Chips are done with a wedge or “short” (high-numbered) iron.
  • Flop Shots – are very high approach shots that stop shortly after they hit the ground. The high lob is usually played with a sand wedge or lob wedge for maximum loft.
  • Pitch Shots – are high approach shots where the ball rolls a limited distance after it hits the ground. Pitches are normally done with a wedge.
  • Driving – is usually done with a driver or low-lofted club on most par fours/fives for maximum distance off the tee. Ideally, tee shots on long holes have a rather shallow ball flight and long roll of the ball.
  • Fairway Woods – are used for longer-distance shots off the turf.
  • Hybrids – are primarily used to hit the golf ball in the air for long distance and pinpoint accurate shots.
  • Irons – are primarily used for medium-length shots.
  • Putting – is done by the putter on the green.