Amazing Shakira Golf Swing Video

[youtube][/youtube]She’s already an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and philanthropist who’s been performing since the early 1990s. Now you can add golfer to Shakira’s remarkable list of attributes with the release of a new video taken on the driving range and golf course in Mexico from her current tour.

Shakira’s always been an exceptional athlete, so it’s no wonder her golf swing shows great promise. Shakira’s setup and takeaway from the golf ball are solid, showcasing her flexibility with a significant shoulder turn. She begins her downswing with a fluid movement of the hips – naturally! Her position at impact is a bit loose, but could be easily adjusted.

It’s certainly obvious that her experience as a dancer pays of greatly in her golf swing as demonstrates terrific balance on the follow through. Shakira finishes the golf swing with a nice tall position, once again showcasing her flexibility and balance. Could the LPGA Tour be on the horizon for this amazing woman?

Three Golf Driving Tips That Could Save Your Round


Every golf hole begins at the tee box, which is technically in the middle of the fairway. We all want to stay in the fairway, while obtaining as much distance from our tee shot as possible. However, most people suffer from a lack of consistency off of the tee, resulting in missed fairways and poor position for their second shots. How can you avoid this problem and hit the ball better? Here are three golf driving tips that can keep you in the fairway, yards past your buddies.

1. Any list of golf driving tips has to start with an athletic, balanced starting position. This includes a straight spine, while bending at the waist with good balance and your weight on the balls of your feet. One common mistake is the notion that your stance should be shoulder width apart. This is actually incorrect. Your stance should actually be the outside of your hips, which will provide you with a solid, stable base to generate maximum power.

2. Ben Hogan coined the phrase “Hold the golf club like you would hold a baby bird”. This means you must release tension in your grip in order to allow your hands, wrists and arms to work properly. This is one of the top golf driving tips for the biggest long-drive hitters, who often shake their hands before a swing to “release” any tightness or tension from over gripping the club. Make sure that your swing is tension free and you’ll be in great shape to release the club head and rotate your hands properly at impact.

3. We begin the swing by dragging the club away from the ball, slowly rotating our hips and shoulders around our torso. We begin the downswing by rotating our hips back toward the ball, with our chest and shoulders following suit. One of the most disregarded golf driving tips is the unwinding of the tension in our hips created by the backswing. Many amateurs loose accuracy and distance by coming “over the top” on their downswing by throwing the club at the ball with their upper body instead of rotating their hips and transferring weight to their left side.

These three simple golf driving tips should help you stay in the fairway and hit longer tee shots. The next time you’re on the tee and thinking about your swing, remind yourself of these three keys – balance, loose grip and rotate the hips. You’ll see better drives, lower scores and will be asking yourself, why aren’t all golf driving tips this simple.

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