SwingCaps Give Back Range of Motion for Golf



If you’re a golfer, stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion can often become more of an obstacle to playing better golf than the course itself. Is there anything you can do about it? A new product called Swing Caps could be just what golfers need to improve their range of motion.

Numerous physicians from multiple credible sources all agree that chronic inflammation is the main culprit contributing to the high cost of poor health in the world today. In fact, it’s inflammation that causes stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion, as well as a host of other issues.

In a recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Lipidology, purified omega 7 from fish was shown to reduce c-reactive protein –the leading indicator of inflammation in the body — by 44%.

The same study (1) also showed that omega-7 demonstrates major benefits for total lipid health, including a boost in good cholesterol, and reductions in bad cholesterol and excessive fats that accumulate in your blood.

(1) “Purified palmitoleic acid for the reduction of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and serum lipids: A double-blinded, randomized, placebo controlled study”, The Journal of Clinical Lipidology, August 2014; Adam M. Bernstein, MD, ScD; Michael F. Roizen, MD; Luis Martinez, MD, MPH; [http://www.lipidjournal.com/article/S1933-2874(14)00281-5/abstract]

That’s why SwingCaps features a proprietary blend of four all-natural ingredients. Including purified omega 7, supercritical omega 3, hyaluronic acid, and celery seed extract. The other ingredients have been proven to support the brain and eyes, memory and mood, and cushion the joints and ligaments. SwingCaps is available at: http://www.swingcaps.com/

CBS Golf analyst Gary McCord has become a hug fan of SwingCaps. “I’ve played golf professionally since 1974” said McCord. “If you know they old axciom, ‘nothing gets better as you get older’, that certainly applies to the golf swing because you can’t move as well as you get older. After taking SwingCaps for a couple weeks, my range of motion came back. I was getting the club back farther and hitting it longer. At one point after taking SwingCaps, I played 26 of 29 days and I had my range of motion back.”

Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer for Lower Scores


660_SWINGBYTE2Whether you’re working by yourself or with a golf instructor, a golf swing analyzer can be an invaluable golf training aid to help diagnose and correct problems. Swingbyte just introduced the second generation of their golf swing analyzer, which includes a redesigned lightweight sensor. The product features a new latching mechanism that makes it easier to attach the Swingbyte to any club. It also offers a new alignment aid that allows users to easily orient Swingbyte 2 for consistent data session to session. The new Swingbyte 2 sensor also features a lower profile, an electronic power switch and covert LED lights.

The Swingbyte 2 golf swing analyzer captures key metrics from a golf swing and wirelessly transmits that data and an interactive visual representation of the swing to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The 3-D golf swing analysis and metrics can be used by the golfer or with the assistance of a PGA instructor.

The new Swingbyte 2 weighs less than one ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club contacts a ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app. Digitized and video recorded images of the swing – along with measurements of club head speed, swing plane, face angle, loft and lie angles and tempo – can be viewed on smartphones and tablets during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

“The new sensor makes the entire user experience with Swingbyte even easier so golfers can improve faster,” said Brian Payne, a former PGA Professional and a Swingbyte co-founder.
Swingbyte’s namesake product, released in April 2012, was hailed by Golf Digest as one of the “12 Coolest Items” at the 2012 PGA Show. Since its introduction, a number of top 100 instructors, including Dr. Jim Suttie, Chris O’Connell, Brad Redding and Kevin Weeks, have joined Swingbyte’s professional advisory board.

Swingbyte also recently unveiled an enhanced 2.0 version of its free mobile app for iPad. New features include the ability to record in-app video that auto-trims unnecessary footage and synchronizes recorded swings to Swingbyte’s 3D visuals and data. The Swingbyte golf training aid now provides golfers and instructors with the unique ability to accurately track the body and club throughout the swing. Both the original model and Swingbyte 2 sensors are compatible with the recently released 2.0 software.

Swingbyte 2 retails for $149 and includes the Swingbyte sensor, the free Swingbyte app and an online account at my.swingbyte.com, which includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.

Golf Training Aid Uses 3D Camera to Produce The Perfect Golf Swing

MYSWINGGURUIf you’ve got a 3D camera, such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows, you can now have your golf swing immediately analyzed and compared to top PGA professionals using a revolutionary golf training aid. Guru Training Systems recently announced their new My Swinguru, which is an intuitive and interactive golf swing analysis software tool that enables self-learning through video recognition.

A golfer simply takes a swing in front of a 3D camera and My Swinguru provides instantaneous visual and audio feedback, detects flaws and recommends customized drills for rapid game improvement. The golfer can also compare his swing to top professional golfers.

More than just video analysis software, My Swinguru is designed to be used in golf simulators, hitting bays, recreational centers, training facilities, retail shops, events or even at home in your garage or in your living room.

“The launch of My Swinguru is an incredible milestone for our company. My Swinguru is our best and most comprehensive software yet. It’s a completely new engine and redesigned interface based on customer feedback from the past 2 years and made everything better: performance and accuracy, user experience, flaws detection, graphics. And it’s still version 1.0, our roadmap is full of future exciting add-ons. We managed to transform gesture recognition technology into a powerful yet simple and easy to use swing analysis software, with no extra expensive hardware required” said CEO Sébastien Wulf.

My Swinguru brings golf swing analysis software into a brand new era for all golfers who want to improve their game. Guru Training Systems is a leading software company that specializes in digital learning, training and teaching golf solutions. The product is available for a 30 day free-trial on the Swingguru website.

Laser Link Introduces White Magic Golf Rangefinder

LASER_LINKFinding the correct distance on the golf course can be a make or break situation. The wrong data can lead to improper golf club selection and often very poor results.

One company that is working to make improper yardages a thing of the past is Madison, Wisconsin-based Laser Link Golf. The company produces golf distance measurement technology and recently introduced their latest rangefinder – White Magic. This product will join a family of products that includes the QuickShot, Red Hot, and Switch laser rangefinders.

The White Magic rangefinder uses Laser Link Golf’s trademark pistol shape and includes their Zero-In Alignment System for easy targeting. A unique element of the White Magic rangefinder is what the company calls Target Differentiation Technology (TDT), or “Know Your Target” technology. TDT allows the rangefinder to distinguish between reflector and non-reflector targets on the golf course. Hit a Laser Link reflector target, and White Magic will “beep”. Hit a tree or other object, and White Magic will vibrate.

“All of our products are created with one goal in mind — make the same technology used by PGA Tour players simple and easy to use for the millions of players who don’t live tournament to tournament,” said Rob O’Loughlin, president of Laser Link Golf. “White Magic delivers the information every golfer needs in a way any golfer can use.”

Laser Link products are designed to speed up play and add enjoyment to the game of golf. Their products are used at more than 3,500 private clubs around the country and also include the CartLink System, which is an affordable cart-mounted GPS alternative. For more information on White Magic or other Laser Link products, visit the Laser Link website.

Golf Skate Caddy Combines Surfing, Skateboarding and Golf

GOLF_SKATE_CADDYIf you consider the use of a motorized golf cart a treat on a long, hot afternoon on the golf course, your perspective is about to change. Introducing the Golf Skate Caddy, a revolutionary new way to skate around the golf course. Yes, I did mean “skate”.

The Golf Skate Caddy combines elements of surfing, skateboarding and golf into one very cool package that will transport you and your golf clubs around the course. Powered by a lithium iron battery, the product includes a drink holder, scorecard holder, wind resistant umbrella and even a seat for in between shots. It could be the perfect choice for golfers who abhor golf carts yet could use some additional assistance in their five-mile walk.

The Golf Skate Caddy comes from the land down under, as evidenced by kangaroos in their cool promo video. The developers of the product are Douglas Mizzi and Mathew Quinn, who took their cues from gorgeous vistas and easy-going tempo of South East Queensland, Australia. “We wanted to bring an element of excitement back to the game, something that a player could enjoy in addition to a great shot and a great view and we knew that had to be their mode of travel” said Douglad Mizzi.

Riders of the Golf Skate Caddy use a skateboard stance and turn their board by leaning left or right while holding onto the mono handle for stability. The acceleration and braking are controlled by a trigger controller held in the other hand.

The product is currently available in two models for purchase on the Golf Skate Caddy website. A standard model sells for $2,600 and the Dragon Golf version is priced at $3,200.

The World’s Most Coveted Luxury Golf Car

GARIA_MANSORY_CURRUSThe company that has created custom golf cars for golf royalty such as Paula Creamer and Hank Haney is back with something even more amazing. Garia, the Danish manufacturer of luxury golf cars, recently launched a limited edition of their newest model, the Garia Roadster. The limited edition roadster is called Garia Mansory Currus and is designed in close collaboration with Mansory, the car customizer famous for customizing luxury super cars such as Bentley, Bugatti, and Ferrari.

With only seven of these special vehicles in existence, the Garia Mansory Currus could be the most sought after luxury golf car in history. This special ride comes with signature Mansory luxury features such as dashboard in genuine leather, custom seat, and carbon fiber rear body and many other details.

For a genuine race car feel, it also comes with an adjustable setting for maximum motor braking and battery regeneration while driving as well as a speed switch with different driving modes called Golf, Street and Race, which adjust top speed and acceleration parameters. These settings are unique to Garia Mansory Currus and not available on any other golf cars currently on the market.

The car utilizes lithium batteries for an extended range of up to 37 miles, and a speed package for increased speed of up to 37 mph. This limited version vehicle marks the launch of an entirely new Garia model, the Garia Roadster.

“The Garia Roadster is really the closest you get to a golf car version of your favorite luxury sports car. We were inspired by the sense of freedom and joy you get from riding a sports car and we wanted to translate that experience to the golf car”, says Mr. Anders Lynge, Designer and Creative Director of Garia.

For more information about the Garia Mansory Currus, please visit the Garia website.

SkyCaddie Unveils The Latest Technology in Golf Rangefinders

SKYCADDIE_WATCHTrusting your distance control is a must for any golfer looking to save shots in the heat of competition. Part of that trust comes from knowing your yardage is as accurate as possible. The new technologies available with rangefinders are making finding yardages faster, easier and more accurate than ever before.

Recently SkyGolf showcased their new SkyCaddie Sport Series of rangefinders at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida. The company offers multiple levels of rangefinders, targeted for all levels of golfer. Some highlights of the new SkyCaddie line include the SkyCaddie Watch, which will sell for $199. For golfers who prefer a handheld with large, easy-to-read numbers, SkyCaddie is introducing the Gimme at $169. The Sport Series also includes the SkyCaddie Aire, a mini hand-held device that is priced at $129.

An innovative new part of the Sport Series is the SkyCaddie Voice, which offers distance information in multiple languages. This small, lightweight device clips to a cap, visor or belt and sells for $150. With a simple tap, the Voice announces distances to the center of the green. Double tap the Voice for front and back of green distances.

“We realize that there are competitive golfers at all skill levels who insist on every advantage, who want to win every match and demand the very best. For these golfers, we have the #1 rated and most trusted rangefinders in golf with our Tour Series that includes our advanced SGXw, SGX and the new simple, but highly accurate Breeze. And, then there are golfers who play for fun and the sport of game, who want simplicity without compromising reliability. With the introduction of our exciting Sport Series, SkyCaddie now has a rangefinder for every golfer and every retailer’s customer profile. Starting at only $129, we have a SkyCaddie to fit in any format, size and pocketbook, too,” said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf.

“SkyCaddie is #1 rated and trusted by more serious golfers than all other competitors combined thanks to the unmatched accuracy of our Tour Series. Now, with the Sport Series, golfers don’t have to compromise on reliability to save money or to get a device in their preferred format. No one has more options than SkyCaddie when it comes to rangefinders and no rangefinder outperforms a SkyCaddie, unless it’s another SkyCaddie.”

Golfers can reduce the price of the Watch, Gimme, Aire or Voice even more with the SkyCaddie Trade-In program. Trade in your used SkyCaddie, laser rangefinder or unwanted golf clubs, and you could find significant savings. Visit the SkyCaddie website for more information on the trade-in programs.

Buy Your Own Golf Massage Therapist for $50


GOLFROLLERMany of the most worthwhile golf improvement products on the market often come from simple ideas and innovations. One relatively straightforward product that is a generating a lot of interest lately is the GolfRoller, which is a simple training aid designed to increase back and core strength while improving flexibility. The repetitive motion of the golf swing and the stress it puts on your body definitely cultivates the need for core, back and neck assistance.

Unlike many complicated golf training products, the GolfRoller is a lightweight and durable tool that you can bring and use virtually anywhere. The product concept is similar to conventional foam rollers, but the GolfRoller actually consists of a hollow core of plastic wrapped in a neoprene layer. It’s extremely lightweight and portable, easily fitting into your luggage or even your golf bag.

Using the product is relatively easy and allows you to target specific parts of your body with each individual movement. The GolfRoller website has helpful videos that instruct how you can use the product to stretch your calves, hamstrings, hips, glutes, lower spine, middle spine, upper spine, quads, shoulders and neck. In addition, since you’re basically using your own body weight, you can control the pace of the movement throughout the entire process.

Think of the GolfRoller as your personal golf massage assistant. The technical term for massage produced by this type of body rolling motion is called “myofascial release”, a form of soft tissue therapy used to relieve pain and restriction of motion. By investing only a few minutes every day using the GolfRoller for your own golf massage, you can dramatically reduce lower back pain and increase your range of motion. It’s also a great tool to use as part of your warm up routine prior to leaving for the course or a golf practice facility.

The GolferRoller consists of a two piece construction, which allows the outer layer to easily be washed. The product is available for $49.95 on the GolfRoller website, where you can also watch multiple videos on how to use it to improve your golf fitness.

Digital Golf Swing Analysis With SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

SWINGSMARTIf you’re looking to take the next step towards a better golf swing, the answer could soon be in your hands. Illinois-based NewSpin Golf recently announced an innovative golf swing analyzer called SwingSmart that provides in-depth information on critical elements of a golfer’s swing.

The product includes a Bluetooth-enabled sensor module that is attached to the shaft of any golf club. The wireless device then communicates a digital swing analysis via a free app for iPad, iPhone or iPod devices. The SwingSmart was just named “Best App for Instant Feedback” by GOLF Magazine.

The SwingSmart is highly powerful tool with the ability to quickly identify helpful data and instantly transfer it to a user’s iPhone or iPad. With the SwingSmart, you’ll see valuable statistics about your golf swing such as tempo, swing speed, face angle and angle of attack. The app provides a “3-D Swing-View” that shows 360-degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle. In addition, the system provides info on a player’s putting stroke to help them improve their short game scoring.

“We worked very hard to bring this product to market and are extremely proud to see our innovative technology recognized for the benefits it provides golfers of all skill levels,” says Angelo Papadourakis, CEO of NewSpin Golf. “SwingSmart delivers instant access to detailed, easy to interpret information that will lead to lasting performance improvement.”

Designed and assembled in the USA, SwingSmart’s portable sensor module comes with a personal carrying case and rechargeable battery that lasts more than four hours. Recognized by PGA Professionals as a way to augment lessons, the app is available for free download via the iTunes store and will soon be offered on the Android Marketplace.

The SwingSmart is available for purchase online for $249.99. For more information, visit the SwingSmart website.

Minimize Golfers’ Tan With Naked Sports Gear

NAKED_SPORTS_GEARIt’s a problem fashion-conscious golfers have faced since the game first began. How to avoid the dreaded golfers’ tan? Now one new sports apparel company could have the answer.

Naked Sports Gear creates sports apparel for avid outdoor athletes and fitness goers that minimizes tan lines using a patent-pending concept that is moisture wicking and tan through. The company’s products are made of lightweight mesh fabrics to minimize tan lines and a quick-dry material to keep the skin cool and dry.

In addition to their first product the Naked Sports Bras, the company now offers opaque and sheer golf shirts. All of their products are sourced and manufactured in New York City’s Garment District.

“Our company’s launch earlier this year kickstarted a frenzy of interest and requests for more tan-through items,” says co-founder and CEO Reilly Starr. “It was the best problem a start-up could have, so five months later, we now have five products to offer those looking to minimize horrid tan lines. “

“We are very excited to satisfy the interest of our fans with new products that are fun tie-dyed colors, sexy styles and most importantly, tan-through,” says Katie Sue Nicklos, co-founder and Chief Design Officer. “The challenge to transform traditional active wear into one of a kind tan-through active wear has been an innovative and rewarding experience.”

You can review their entire product line at the Naked Sports Gear website.