SwingCaps Give Back Range of Motion for Golf



If you’re a golfer, stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion can often become more of an obstacle to playing better golf than the course itself. Is there anything you can do about it? A new product called Swing Caps could be just what golfers need to improve their range of motion.

Numerous physicians from multiple credible sources all agree that chronic inflammation is the main culprit contributing to the high cost of poor health in the world today. In fact, it’s inflammation that causes stiffness, decreased mobility, and limited range of motion, as well as a host of other issues.

In a recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical Lipidology, purified omega 7 from fish was shown to reduce c-reactive protein –the leading indicator of inflammation in the body — by 44%.

The same study (1) also showed that omega-7 demonstrates major benefits for total lipid health, including a boost in good cholesterol, and reductions in bad cholesterol and excessive fats that accumulate in your blood.

(1) “Purified palmitoleic acid for the reduction of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and serum lipids: A double-blinded, randomized, placebo controlled study”, The Journal of Clinical Lipidology, August 2014; Adam M. Bernstein, MD, ScD; Michael F. Roizen, MD; Luis Martinez, MD, MPH; [http://www.lipidjournal.com/article/S1933-2874(14)00281-5/abstract]

That’s why SwingCaps features a proprietary blend of four all-natural ingredients. Including purified omega 7, supercritical omega 3, hyaluronic acid, and celery seed extract. The other ingredients have been proven to support the brain and eyes, memory and mood, and cushion the joints and ligaments. SwingCaps is available at: http://www.swingcaps.com/

CBS Golf analyst Gary McCord has become a hug fan of SwingCaps. “I’ve played golf professionally since 1974” said McCord. “If you know they old axciom, ‘nothing gets better as you get older’, that certainly applies to the golf swing because you can’t move as well as you get older. After taking SwingCaps for a couple weeks, my range of motion came back. I was getting the club back farther and hitting it longer. At one point after taking SwingCaps, I played 26 of 29 days and I had my range of motion back.”

Buy Your Own Golf Massage Therapist for $50


GOLFROLLERMany of the most worthwhile golf improvement products on the market often come from simple ideas and innovations. One relatively straightforward product that is a generating a lot of interest lately is the GolfRoller, which is a simple training aid designed to increase back and core strength while improving flexibility. The repetitive motion of the golf swing and the stress it puts on your body definitely cultivates the need for core, back and neck assistance.

Unlike many complicated golf training products, the GolfRoller is a lightweight and durable tool that you can bring and use virtually anywhere. The product concept is similar to conventional foam rollers, but the GolfRoller actually consists of a hollow core of plastic wrapped in a neoprene layer. It’s extremely lightweight and portable, easily fitting into your luggage or even your golf bag.

Using the product is relatively easy and allows you to target specific parts of your body with each individual movement. The GolfRoller website has helpful videos that instruct how you can use the product to stretch your calves, hamstrings, hips, glutes, lower spine, middle spine, upper spine, quads, shoulders and neck. In addition, since you’re basically using your own body weight, you can control the pace of the movement throughout the entire process.

Think of the GolfRoller as your personal golf massage assistant. The technical term for massage produced by this type of body rolling motion is called “myofascial release”, a form of soft tissue therapy used to relieve pain and restriction of motion. By investing only a few minutes every day using the GolfRoller for your own golf massage, you can dramatically reduce lower back pain and increase your range of motion. It’s also a great tool to use as part of your warm up routine prior to leaving for the course or a golf practice facility.

The GolferRoller consists of a two piece construction, which allows the outer layer to easily be washed. The product is available for $49.95 on the GolfRoller website, where you can also watch multiple videos on how to use it to improve your golf fitness.

Minimize Golfers’ Tan With Naked Sports Gear

NAKED_SPORTS_GEARIt’s a problem fashion-conscious golfers have faced since the game first began. How to avoid the dreaded golfers’ tan? Now one new sports apparel company could have the answer.

Naked Sports Gear creates sports apparel for avid outdoor athletes and fitness goers that minimizes tan lines using a patent-pending concept that is moisture wicking and tan through. The company’s products are made of lightweight mesh fabrics to minimize tan lines and a quick-dry material to keep the skin cool and dry.

In addition to their first product the Naked Sports Bras, the company now offers opaque and sheer golf shirts. All of their products are sourced and manufactured in New York City’s Garment District.

“Our company’s launch earlier this year kickstarted a frenzy of interest and requests for more tan-through items,” says co-founder and CEO Reilly Starr. “It was the best problem a start-up could have, so five months later, we now have five products to offer those looking to minimize horrid tan lines. “

“We are very excited to satisfy the interest of our fans with new products that are fun tie-dyed colors, sexy styles and most importantly, tan-through,” says Katie Sue Nicklos, co-founder and Chief Design Officer. “The challenge to transform traditional active wear into one of a kind tan-through active wear has been an innovative and rewarding experience.”

You can review their entire product line at the Naked Sports Gear website.

Golfersskin Sunscreen Making Major Impact on PGA Tour

GOLFERSSKINWebb Simpson’s victory at the US Open at Olympic Club was big news for Mr. Simpsons’ sponsors, many of whom ran congratulatory ads in golf magazines around the world. One brand that Mr. Simpson does not endorse, but is alleged to use, is golf sunscreen product Golfersskin. In addition to Webb Simpson, Masters champion Bubba Watson is also rumored to use Golfersskin, making the company two for two in majors this season.

Golfersskin does not pay any players to use its product and is therefore restricted from using player names in their promotion. However, according to Kevin Haglof of Golfersskin, five of the top nine players in the US Open used Golfersskin sunscreen. Also according to Mr. Haglof, seven of the top ten golfers in the world are using Golfersskin, including the number one player in the world.

Golfersskin is sunscreen that was developed specifically for golfers and is water resistant and sweat resistant. The product offers total UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging rays while allowing players to grip the club without any oily residue.

Golfers also enjoy the moisturizing Aloe vera and UMF 18 Manuka Honey, which helps provide nutrients to the skin, while providing anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits. The Manuka Honey helps assists the body’s ability to hydrate while soothing and improving skin.

Golfersskin products are made in New Zealand, home of the highest rate of skin cancer per capita in the world. The company is also a supporting sponsor of the Sun SafeTee® Program, which is the leader in sun protection education for golfers. Golfersskin sunscreen products are distributed at selectSun SafeTee educational outreach efforts focusing on skin protection awareness for golfers.

Learn more about Golfersskin at their website.

Who Else Wants Golf’s Secret Oil of Success?

SWING TRUST OIL'Just about every golfer has purchased something to help their game from a virtual snake oil salesman or at least from a company with a similar type of pitch. However, very few golfers have actually purchased the snake oil itself… until now.

A South Dakota company recently introduced a shocking new aroma therapy product to help golfers that actually might be better snake oil; it might be the real deal. Play with Trust LLC just launched Swing Trust Oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils including: bergamot, cedar atlas, clary sage, red cedarwood, ylang-ylang and grape seed. The distinctive aroma of this blend can improve golfer’s concentration and relaxation.

Hook the handsome keychain flask on your golf bag and take a whiff of Swing Trust oil throughout your round. Feel a bit anxious on the tee? Take a whiff. Can’t decide what club to hit? Take a whiff.

“Swing Trust Oil is designed to help golfers reduce tension, build confidence in their game and improve their mental focus,” said Chad Van Den Top, President of Play with Trust LLC. “Calming the nerves, eliminating the yips and sharpening one’s focus can help “center” the golfer. Using Swing Trust Oil brings a new dimension to the game that focuses on the mind, rather than technique. When the mind is sharp and clear, it follows that the game is sharp and clear.”

Swing Trust Oil was developed by golf professional Chad Van Den Top who started using different blends of essential oils to create his “swing oil,” taking a sniff of the formulation when he felt the yips coming on or simply needed to gain confidence before a difficult shot. While his playing partners used their own version of “swing oil” (alcohol) to settle their nerves during play, Chad began sharing his aromatherapy blend, thus creating a demand for a natural, non-technique means of enhancing concentration and game performance.

Learn more about Swing Trust Oil by calling 888-831-4854 or at www.swingtrustoil.com.

Golf Fitness First For Gary Player

GARY_PLAYER_FITNESSWith nine major championship victories, Gary Player is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of golf. A 1974 inductee into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Player has won 165 tournaments on six continents over six decades.

Now 75 years old, it’s Player’s remarkable longevity that continues this amazing story. Back in the 1950s, Player earned the nickname Mr. Fitness in the 1950s because of his impressive dedication to exercise. It’s obvious that dedication is still paying rewards.

“People said weight training was detrimental to golfers,” recalls Mr. Player. “I was squatting 325 pounds the night before I won my first U.S. Open in 1965. Today, the players have traveling gyms.”

As he’s aged, Mr. Player says he’s even more serious about staying fit: “Winning a grand slam title after the age of 53 meant keeping my body lean and mean.”

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How Science Is Improving The Golf Swing

GOLF_SWING_SCIENCEHow can science improve your golf swing? Some Stanford University researchers believe their digital cameras have captured the perfect golf swing. The key question is whether that knowledge can be transferred to your golf swing.

PGA professionals have known for a long time that proper technique within the golf swing is critical to ball speed. No matter the size or the strength of the golfer, a swing without solid technical elements will lose much of its force. Even at the age of 61, five-time British Open winner Tom Watson can hit a ball with more power, and farther, than fit competitors half his age.

In a high-tech analysis of golfers, a research team identified several key biomechanical factors that produce power, separating the elite professionals from the duffers. At the university’s Motion and Gait Analysis Lab, 10 pros used a 5 iron to swing at ping-pong balls on a linoleum floor, wearing only shorts and dozens of tiny silver light-reflecting balls. The volunteers were all Stanford alumni and included Will Yanagisawa, a Hawaii Pearl Open winner, and former pro Notah Begay, who is now an analyst with the Golf Channel.

Eight cameras made a digital record of their bodies during the golf swing, then compared the data to less reformed swings of amateurs. The team found that professionals’ swings are highly consistent, virtually indistinguishable from each other. And the pros, unlike the five amateurs who also volunteered in the study, always initiated their downswing by rotating their hips.

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Bikram Yoga Turning Up the Heat for Golfers

BIKRAM YOGA PHOTOSome PGA golfers that can’t stand the heat on the golf course are now turning up the heat – more specifically Bikram Yoga – to improve their health and performance. PGA professional Jamie Mulligan, who has worked with PGA pro Paul Goydos, Nationwide Tour pro Peter Tomasulo and college phenom Patrick Cantlay, is a confirmed proponent of the popular form of yoga called Bikram Yoga, in honor of founder Bikram Choudhury.

Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Mr. Choudhury developed from traditional yoga techniques and popularized beginning in the early 1970s. Bikram Yoga classes last 90 minutes and consist of a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 105°F with a humidity of 40%.

The intense heat and humidity help the muscles to stay warm and stretch more safely than in a colder environment. The 26 individual postures are meant to improve flexibility, balance and bring freshly oxygenated blood into those areas, promoting healing throughout the tissues.

The repetitive nature of the golf swing for professional golfers such as Jamie Mulligan can often create extreme stress and muscle tightness that leads to more serious injuries. Bikram Yoga could be a safe, simple answer for professionals or even weekend golfers who are looking to improve their scores while staying flexible and healthy.

Visit www.bikramyoga.com to learn more about Bikram Yoga and to find more resources in your area.

Pilates + Golf to Improve Health and Lower Golf Scores

GOLF PILATESIncreasing your flexibility and your core strength with Pilates, according to Physical Therapist Deneen Carter, is a great way to lower your golf scores and stay healthy throughout the season. For golfers, in addition to stretching your back, arms and legs, it’s also important to stretch your hips, ankles, wrists, shoulders and neck. Since Pilates focuses on the core muscles, which extend from your stomach and back through your hips and buttocks area, it’s a popular option for professional golfers such as 2001 British Open Champion David Duval.

“Everything powers through your core when you play golf,” Physical Therapist Deneen Carter said. “Make sure your hips are strong. And warm up before the game. Stretch, hit a few balls. All of this is very important so you don’t go out there cold. And, of course, make sure you have the proper mechanics for your swing.”

If most golfers are proactive with their stretching and exercise program, they are much more likely to be able to continue playing the game pain free. According to recent research, most golfing injuries are the result of a lack of flexibility, and not necessarily because of poor swing mechanics.

“It’s all related to a lack of flexibility,” said Carter. “Golf does not just involve the upper body or the lower body. It’s your whole body – from your neck to your ankles. We see more golfers here with complaints about the lower back because it tends to be a more painful area than, say the hips or the ankles.”

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Yoga Postures Into Golf

YOGA GOLFHave you considering incorporating yoga into your life to help with your golf game? If not, you may want to consider this ancient practice, which originated over five thousand years ago in India.

Most golfers are more than willing to spend whatever it takes for the latest Callaway or TaylorMade driver. However, they often neglect the body that is responsible for swinging that driver in a repetitive motion hundreds of times per round.

Recent research has found that Yoga can counteract golf’s one-sided repetitive motion, which can have a negative impact on the back and joints. Could this ancient art form be right for you? It seems as though the popularity of yoga among PGA professionals is reaching new heights.

Over the past decade, golf professionals such as David Duval, Annika Sorenstam, Brad Faxon, Gary McCord and Gary Player have been avid yoga practioners. Ken Green, a former bad boy of the GPA says yoga has helped him “kill the demons” so he could regain his tour card.

Golfers’ back pain can result in some golfers giving up the game all together. Vijay Vad, MD, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York developed a program randomly adding Yoga practice to his patients on medication for back pain. After six months about 80% of the patients practicing yoga experienced a decrease in back pain compared to 44% reduction for patients on medication only. Fifty-six percent (56%) of the patients on medication experienced another acute episode of their injury while only twelve percent (12%) of patients using yoga experienced a reoccurrence.

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