Golf Training Aid Investment Opportunity

PERFECT_PITCH_GOLFIf the majority of golf shots are taken near or around the green, why do so few golfers have an efficient short game? Two avid golfers have created a new golf training aid that could answer this question, but they need your help to make their dream a reality.

Jonah Mytro and Clay Hood have created the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat to help amateur golfers improve their setup and improve their results around the green. The goal of the product is to provide an alignment aid to help hit more consistent chip, pitch lob and bunker shots.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is a portable mat (3 lbs) that golfers can use at home, golf range or practice facility. Color coordinated foot and ball markers allow golfers to correctly line up their feet as well as ball position based on desired – red for a chip shot, white for a pitch shot and yellow for a lob or bunker shot. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat golf training aid was developed for golfers of all sizes and skill levels and comes in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of players – junior, medium and large.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat improves five critical areas of the golfer’s setup – stance width, alignment, aim, ball position and distance from the ball. This golf training aid helps golfers consistently feel the proper setup position so they can focus on the shot.

To help with the product launch, Myrto and Hood have set up a funding campaign on with the goal of raising $15,000. Their campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by midnight PST, Saturday, July 20. All money raised will go towards fulfilling their first order of 1,000 mats.

“My teaching experience has shown me that the biggest issue with a golfer’s short game is their setup. Our mats shows golfers how to setup correctly every time”, said Clay Hood, a PGA golf professional with over 10 years of experience teaching golfers of all abilities. “With a good setup, golfers have a much better chance of hitting better shots and shooting lower scores.”

It is estimated that 75% of golfers shoot 90 or above with the average score of an adult golfer at 98.3 (source: National Golf Foundation). With nearly 50% of all golf shots within 50 yards of the green, the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat has helped golfers achieve improved results around the green.

The funding campaign for the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat officially runs until July 20. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is expected to be available for order online on July 25.

Igolping Brings Golf TV Technology Home

IGOLPINGIf you watch CBS television broadcasts of the PGA Tour, you’re probably familiar with Peter Kostis’ golf swing analysis using the Konica Minolta Biz Hub Swingvision high speed cameras. The vivid clarity of this technology is extremely beneficial in allowing Kostis to point out the subtle changes and key positions throughout the golf swing.

One company is working to help bring the important benefits of high speed cameras to the golfing public. Igolping is a Fremont, California-based company that recently won the award for best simulator at the Professional Golf Association Expo in Las Vegas.

The Igolping system consists of high-speed cameras that capture the golf swing in an extremely fluid and detailed fashion. A golfer then can watch their swing and analyze their improvement with unique statistical information such as ball trajectory, speed and acceleration. In addition, the Igolping system illustrates the plane of the golf swing, the angle of attack and the path of the clubface. All of this feedback is an invaluable tool to the golfer and their golf professional as they diagnose areas for improvement.

The technology behind the Igolping system is what sets it apart from the competition. A high-density radar system tracks the golf ball up to 250 yards when used outside, providing extended trajectory analysis that is essential in understanding the flight of the golf ball.

In addition to the obvious golf teaching and improvement application, the Igolping system also provides a fun and entertaining gaming platform that allows up to eight golfers to choose from over 70 courses around the world and play a virtual tournament. Golfers can set their gender, handicap and even tee location along with the time of day, weather, ground conditions and pin difficulty.

For more information, visit the iGolping website.

Golf Simulators Offer Winter Golf Opportunity

HD GOLF SIMULATORWinter is the time when golfers in cold weather climates usually turn their thoughts toward golf simulators. As this market grows, so does the technology and the level of realism.

Interactive Sports Technologies, a leading developer of golf simulators, has recently launched a series of spectacular High Definition Golf™ simulator models that feature curved “wrap-around” screens. This stunning new technology offers a wider field of view and enhanced high resolution graphics. The realism offered by these new wide screen simulators makes it easy to forget that you’re playing golf indoors.

These High Definition Golf™ systems also offer many options including a Professional Golf Instruction Studio, which includes an automated video swing analysis featuring Jim McLean’s 8-Step swing system, a complete suite of tools for club fitting and equipment comparison as well as live Internet play featuring real-time audio and video. Now you can play in a real-time virtual golf tournament in the comfort of your own home!

These new golf simulatos lean heavily on state-of-the-art technology to power amazing effects such as highly accurate ball & club tracking and measurement systems, realistic golf courses and intuitive touchscreen interfaces. You can even connect a game console to your golf simulator for the ultimate video gaming experience.

Virtual golf courses available include Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pinehurst, Kiawah Island, Spyglass Hill, Doral, Harbour Town, Troon North, Bethpage, Banff Springs and many others. Every tree, bunker and hazard is faithfully reproduced exactly as you would see it playing the actual course. For more information visit the High Definition Golf website.

Tour Golf Online Delivers Jaw Dropping Golf Experience

TOUR GOLF ONLINEIt’s time to take your golf game to a new level with the latest in virtual golf technology. Tour Golf Online, from leading online game publisher, could be the next best thing to actually being on the golf course.

Tour Golf Online boasts some of the most spectacular life-like graphics currently available in online gaming. Virtual golfers will be blown away by one of the most advanced golf training areas ever seen in an online golf game. Tour Golf Online also boasts highly realistic weather and intricately detailed golf gear.

You’ll virtually step in the shoes of a competitive pro golfer on tour with life-like climates, detailed environments and state-of-the-art golf clubs and high-tech golf gear. This game replicates even the most minute details of the professional golf swing, creating a new standard in golf video games.

Tour Golf Online is scheduled for release in 2012, but you can learn more about this highly anticipated golf game at

Mile High Club for Golfers Could Become Reality

The mile high club for golfers could take on a whole new meaning if the folks at Airbus can fulfill their vision. The European aircraft manufacturer recently released illustrations for a see-thru plane that would include a golf simulator. In addition to the ability to play a round of virtual golf 30,000 feet in the air, this Airbus concept plane would also feature shape-shifting seats, aromatherapy, antioxidant-enriched air, and transparent walls.

The only downside? The projected release date for this high-tech version of Augusta with wings is 2050. So if you’re really interested in swinging a golf club as part of the mile high club, be prepared to wait a few years.

Click here for photos of the Airbus concept plane.

Could New Motion Capture Device Threaten PGA Teaching Professionals?

zeppCould a motion-capture application begin to replace golf teaching professionals around the world? Probably not, but a new technology has created quite a buzz in the golf and technology communities.

Sports application developer Zepp has created a motion-capture device that attaches to a glove or a user’s hand and tracks the person’s motion. The companies application, called Golfsense, tracks a golfer’s swing, analyzes it and then makes some suggestions about how to fix it. The app displays a 3-dimensional map for each swing the user takes, and overlays it with what a good swing should look it.

Golfsense users can also sync up with other Zepp users and trade swing data. There’s also a practice mode that lets users swing repeatedly as if they were at a driving range and gives a bulk rating — as well as specific suggestions on how to improve swings.

Golfsense is currently in Apple’s App Store application approval process and should soon be available. The company is looking to charge between $200 and $300 for the application and the motion sensing device that attaches to a glove. But Zepp’s motion capture technology can be applied to other sports — like tennis or football — so the price point might be worth the trouble. Zepp also plans to release an Android and Windows Phone 7 application soon.

Golf At Any Angle Could Change Your Golf Practice Routine

golf at any angleAs most golf teaching professionals are acutely aware, amateur golfers have a tendency to practice what they’re good at and avoid the shots that need work. However, some shots that we all need practice with are often difficult to simulate on the driving range.

Most golf practice facilities are equipped with flat practice surfaces, but very few offer the chance to practice up hill, down hill and side hill shots. However, one young entrepreuner has created a solution that is attracting a great deal of buzz in the golf business this winter.

University of Iowa student Scott Pralle has created Golf At Any Angle, which is a state of the art practice platform that allows golfers to practice just about any shot faced on the golf course. Golf At Any Angle is a portable practice platform that comes can be adjusted in 5 and 10 degree increments to simulate multiple lies. This new product helps golfers learn how to maintain their spine with the ball below or above their feet as well as up hill or down hill lies.

Vist to learn more about the Golf At Any Angle Training Platform.