PUMA Brings Disco to the Golf Course

PUMA_PRO_PERFORMANCELooks like former PGA Tour player “Disco” Dick Zokol may have the last laugh after all. Not only was Richard Zokol recently named to the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, but his penchant for listening to music on the golf course could be finally reaching mainstream acceptance. Many golf fans dubbed Zokol as “Disco Dick” for his penchant for wearing headphones during tournaments so he could listen to music between shots.

Now PUMA Golf has released two styles of earphones, including the PUMA Pro-Performance sport buds, which can be used during a work out, practice, warm up or round of golf. The Pro-Performance is mic compatible with most phones, computers and audio devices to play, pause, change volume and even answer calls. These performance sport buds come in black, pink and vibrant orange.

The company is also offering the PUMA El Diego, an in-ear earphone with foam ear-tips for comfort and fit. The El Diego is available in black, pink, vibrant orange and red.

“We are always looking for innovation, and unique ways to develop our business that push the industry forward,” said Cobra PUMA Golf President Bob Philion. “We recognize that not only our athletes, but our fans, are listening to music on a regular basis, on and off the course. The PUMA Golf Audio Collection fulfills a major opportunity in the market; bringing advanced technology to the golf course in a very relevant and fun way.”

To help consumers get their golfing playlists started, PUMA Golf has set up the PUMA Golf Beats application on their Facebook page. Fans can stream playlists from top professional golfers such as LPGA star Lexi Thompson and PGA Tour stalwarts Rickie Fowler and Jonas Blixt. The PUMA Pro-Performance retails for $79.99 and the PUMA El Diego costs $59.99. Both are available at specialty golf retailers. Learn more at the PUMA Golf website.

Bubba Watson’s Secret New Golf Glove

FOOTJOY_GTEXTREMEThe proper grip has a major impact on the golf swing and having the right golf glove can dynamically contribute to the effort. A golf glove that doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t perform well under varied conditions could actually be a detriment to your golf game.

To help golfers establish a solid grip in all conditions, FootJoy recently introduced GTxtreme, which the company said represents the ultimate in golf grip technology to help maximize grip and durability in all conditions on the golf course. The FootJoy GTxtreme golf glove uses a proprietary leather technology combined with a digital FiberSof™ material to help maximize golf grip and durability. The soft FiberSof™ material on the back of the glove along with the PowerNet™ mesh and Power-Locking closure promotes a consistent fit, enhances comfort and creates an optimal fit. Add all this new technology together and you have one of the most anticipated new golf gloves in recent memory.

2012 Masters Champion Bubba Waston first used the FootJoy GTxtreme golf glove at The Open Championship in July at Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Course in Lancashire, England. According to FootJoy, Watson wore the glove during every round of the Open Championship and every round he’s played since. Watson finished finished tied for 23rd at the Open, but has been happy with the performance of the GTxtreme glove so far. “Once I put the GTxtreme glove in play,” said Watson, “everything about it was great! It gives me more control to perform at my best.”

“GTxtreme provides the best of all worlds; exceptional grip performance in all-conditions, maximum durability, comfort, superb flexibility and breathability with a precision fit,” said Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing for FootJoy Golf Gloves and Accessories. “Together with a new high-impact package, prominent in-store display, creative interactive campaign and heavy print support featuring Bubba Watson’s tour proven performance, the new GTxtreme glove is sure to be a major hit.”

According to FootJoy, the GTxtreme is built for maximum durability by utilizing exclusively tanned leather in the palm and thumb, which should be beneficial in even the most extreme conditions. The glove also includes the QMark™ ball marker, which is an exclusive magnetic ballmarker that gives you quick and easy access to mark your ball.

The GTxtreme will debut at retail stores on September 1st and carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $15. Visit the FootJoy website to learn more about the GTxtreme golf clove.

Fix Your Golf Grip With The Leadbetter Glove

LEADBETTER_GLOVEThere are many often-repeated facts or truisims about the game of the golf that are shared between golfers. One aspect of the golf swing that can’t be overstated is the importance of the golf grip in executing an effective, repeatable golf swing. It’s estimated that over 80% of all golfers grip the club incorrectly, greatly reducing their chances of swinging the club successfully.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try a new golf glove that could quickly and easily assist any golfer with their grip. The product is from top teaching professional David Leadbetter and is called The Leadbetter Glove.

In addition to the unique markings on the glove, the first thing I noticed about The Leadbetter Glove is the quality of the leather. Unlike many training aid products, this glove is made with a high-quality cabretta leather that feels and looks great. This is important, because many amateur players who are learning the game and would be excellent candidates for this product have a tendency to grip the club with a bit too much force. The Leadbetter Glove seems to be well built and should be ready for even the firmest grips.

Another aspect of The Leadbetter Glove that I liked is the simple feedback that the glove provides via visual indicators on the glove itself. There’s a palm alignment patch that illustrates where the club should lay in the palm of your hand. The product also has what is called a “Life Line Indicator” that assists with placing your opposite hand, so your overlapping grip is set perfectly.

The Leadbetter Glove has two additional visual feedback components. The Knuckle Indicator allows to you adjust and manage your grip. If you have a strong grip, two knuckles will show via the Knuckle Indicator. A neutral grip will show only a single knuckle.

Finally, the “V Patch Indicator” is a handly marker that helps you make sure your thumb and index finger are pointing to the proper location on your shoulder. This final grip alignment indicator helps bring the entire grip together and makes The Leadbetter Glove a great tool for both low and high-handicap golfers.

Learn more at the Leadbetter Glove website.

Igolping Brings Golf TV Technology Home

IGOLPINGIf you watch CBS television broadcasts of the PGA Tour, you’re probably familiar with Peter Kostis’ golf swing analysis using the Konica Minolta Biz Hub Swingvision high speed cameras. The vivid clarity of this technology is extremely beneficial in allowing Kostis to point out the subtle changes and key positions throughout the golf swing.

One company is working to help bring the important benefits of high speed cameras to the golfing public. Igolping is a Fremont, California-based company that recently won the award for best simulator at the Professional Golf Association Expo in Las Vegas.

The Igolping system consists of high-speed cameras that capture the golf swing in an extremely fluid and detailed fashion. A golfer then can watch their swing and analyze their improvement with unique statistical information such as ball trajectory, speed and acceleration. In addition, the Igolping system illustrates the plane of the golf swing, the angle of attack and the path of the clubface. All of this feedback is an invaluable tool to the golfer and their golf professional as they diagnose areas for improvement.

The technology behind the Igolping system is what sets it apart from the competition. A high-density radar system tracks the golf ball up to 250 yards when used outside, providing extended trajectory analysis that is essential in understanding the flight of the golf ball.

In addition to the obvious golf teaching and improvement application, the Igolping system also provides a fun and entertaining gaming platform that allows up to eight golfers to choose from over 70 courses around the world and play a virtual tournament. Golfers can set their gender, handicap and even tee location along with the time of day, weather, ground conditions and pin difficulty.

For more information, visit the iGolping website.

Pro Mental Coach Software Now Available at Golfsmith

PRO MENTAL COACHPro Mental Coach, mental coaching software for golfers, is now available at leading golf retail store Golfsmith. Priced at $139.95, Pro Mental Coach features an assessment test and scientifically-proven games that designed to build the “brain muscle” and help create an “in the zone” state. The software works to help golfers improve their focus, confidence, motivation, stress management, endurance and recovery from bad shots.

“Pro Mental Coach has earned incredible reviews as an essential tool for managing tough times on the course, playing better and enjoying the game more,” says Dr. Stephane Bergeron, Founder of BCI. “Consumer demand has led to the very best retailers adding our just-launched, one-of-a-kind program alongside other must-have gift items.”

PC and Mac compatible, Pro Mental Coach is powered by a proprietary Dynamic Intelligence System. This breakthrough neuroscience technology was developed by BCI in collaboration with medical centers. It is used in clinical research funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Pro Mental Coach software continuously adjusts exergame difficulty levels in real time according to performance. This personalizes each training session, creating a fully customized regimen to deliver maximum benefits in the shortest period of time.

“We’ve been field testing Pro Mental Coach with players of all abilities and the positive impact it’s having on scores is undeniable,” says Joe Hallett, coach of LPGA Tour star Stacy Lewis and a GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher. “Even with only training on the software one hour a week, it’s fine-tuning each golfer’s mental game in ways they didn’t think were possible.”

Unique features of Pro Mental Coach include:

– Assessment and full diagnostic of a user’s mental game strengths and weaknesses
– Customized training program that matches users’ skills
– Tracking and evaluation of performance from each training session
– Ability for PGA Professionals to access a student’s mental game profile

Visit Golfsmith or www.ProMentalCoach.com for more information.

Pro Mental Coach: Your Virtual Sports Psychologist

PROMENTALCOACHIf golf is 90% mental, isn’t it time you started working with a mental coach like the PGA professionals use? If noted sports psychologist Bob Rotella is out of your price range, there might be a more affordable answer.

Pro Mental Coach is the program created for golfers of all skill levels to help them play better, enjoy the game better, and manage tough times better. Pro Mental Coach can be downloaded to your computer for $139.95 and is powered by Dynamic Intelligence, which is engineered to deliver maximum results in minimum time: three 20-minute sessions a week are recommended.

The program runs a full diagnostic of your mental game skills with a comprehensive assessment test. It then rates and compares graphically your mental game skills to golfers what have the same handicap. It also customizes the right golf mental coaching program to matches your needs.

To help maintain your progress, Pro Mental Coach tracks and evaluates every training session and adapts the difficulty level of the training exercises in real-time.

Pro Mental Coach was selected by the PGA Center for Learning & Performance and provides professional training 24/7 with no appointment necessary. You can also use the Pro Login feature, which allows you to share your results with your PGA certified golf instructor.

For more information or to order, visit the Pro Mental Coach website.

Tour Golf Online Delivers Jaw Dropping Golf Experience

TOUR GOLF ONLINEIt’s time to take your golf game to a new level with the latest in virtual golf technology. Tour Golf Online, from leading online game publisher, GamesCampus.com could be the next best thing to actually being on the golf course.

Tour Golf Online boasts some of the most spectacular life-like graphics currently available in online gaming. Virtual golfers will be blown away by one of the most advanced golf training areas ever seen in an online golf game. Tour Golf Online also boasts highly realistic weather and intricately detailed golf gear.

You’ll virtually step in the shoes of a competitive pro golfer on tour with life-like climates, detailed environments and state-of-the-art golf clubs and high-tech golf gear. This game replicates even the most minute details of the professional golf swing, creating a new standard in golf video games.

Tour Golf Online is scheduled for release in 2012, but you can learn more about this highly anticipated golf game at FaceBook.com/TourGolfOnline.

SAM PuttLab Assists LSU Golf National Champions

The LSU golf program installed their new SAM PuttLab in December and it looks like the results were the effort. For the first time in NCCA Division I history, the men’s and women’s individual champions came from the same school – LSU.

LSU freshman Austin Ernst took the women’s title in Bryan, Texas, on May 21. Then John Peterson won on the men’s tournament on June 2.

Both teams obviously put the SAM PuttLab to good use. The SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.

SAM PuttLab parent company Science & Motion spokesman Jef Carr said, “We’re very proud to be a part of the winning LSU Tigers program, the LSU golf program installed their new SAM PuttLab in December and seem to have put it to very good use. The coaching staff took advantage of a coaches training day SAM staff member Glen Coombe shortly after receiving their Sam and the results have been hard to argue with. The SAM PuttLab is a perfect addition to the outstanding training facility the Tigers have to work from.”

Carr added, “We feel the SAM PuttLab is the first technology that should be considered for any collegiate program. SAM PuttLab is completely portable and can be used both indoors and out. From putting analysis, to putt training, as well as putter fitting SAM PuttLab helps collegiate programs to reach their highest levels. We’ve proven the SAM PuttLab generates results. From winning team results just days after receiving a SAM (Clemson University) to winning individual honors at the highest level (LSU Tigers) SAM technology leads the way. Collegiate teams looking for the winning edge are choosing SAM PuttLab.”

Click here to learn about the SAM PuttLab and find locations and certified instructors.

Metal Core Golf Ball Takes Shape

OMEN GOLF BALLOnCore Golf Technology, Inc. has introduced the world’s first hollow metal core golf ball. The ball was originally developed by NanoDynamics and launched in 2005 as the NDMX ball. After NanoDynamics closed in 2009, the original inventor of the ball continued to work on improving the technology and helped found OnCore.

A hollow metal core is a radical new approach to the design of a golf ball. This unique core concept shifts weight to the outside of the ball and changes the spin characteristics. According to the manufacturer, in addition to reduced hooking and slicing, putting lines on this ball are straighter.

The original NDMX ball developed by NanoDynamics was approved and listed as a conforming ball by the USGA. However, since the design has been improved, it will have to be resubmited to the USGA for testing.

“The OmenTM is a patented ball unlike any on the market today,” according to Doug Dufaux, vice president of technology and inventor of the ball. “We believe that this ball is, by far, the straightest off the tee and the most accurate for the short and putting games. By designing with a proprietary hollow metal core and advanced polymeric mantle and cover materials, we have created a ball that will show reduced side spin while maintaining desirable backspin properties.”

Visit OnCore Golf.

How to Golf – PowerPlay Golf

POWERPLAY_GOLFLearning how to golf is one thing, but learning how to play PowerPlay golf is quite another. Some of the golf’s biggest names are hoping to grow a new take on the classic game called PowerPlay golf.

In a nutshell, PowerPlay Golf is a 9-hole variation on golf’s Stableford points scoring system using two different targets on a green. One hole is placed in an accessible area and the second hole provides much more of a challenge.

In PowerPlay Golf, golfers can choose to play to the the more accessible white flag or the more difficult black flag. If they score a birdie or better to the black flag, they earn double points. Each golfer is compelled to take exactly three ‘PowerPlays’ in the first eight holes. They then have the option of a fourth ‘PowerPlay’ on the final hole. But if they get a net bogey or worse, they lose points from their total score.

Golfers score double points for net birdie or better when playing to the black “PowerPlay” flag, but with limited PowerPlays, they must choose wisely. On the final hole, a PowerPlay birdie wins mega-points, but a bogey could spell disaster.

PowerPlay Golf was devised by British amateur golfer Peter McEvoy, a former victorious captain of the Great Britain & Ireland Walker Cup team, and David Piggins, a sports venue owner and operator. Recent additions to the PowerPlay Golf team include golf stars and legends such as Gary Player, Colin Montgomerie, Paul Casey, Graeme McDowell and Paula Creamer.

Visit PowerPlay Golf for more information.