Secret Grip Putter Grip Helps Win Tournament


SECRET_PUTTER_GRIPThe new Secret Grip Putter Grip from Boccieri Golf, pioneer of the popular Heavy Putter and critically acclaimed “Control Series” of full-swing clubs, recently made a major impact by winning the Tour’s Midwest Classic at Nicklaus Golf Club at LionsGate in Overland Park, Kansas. The Jack Nicklaus-endorsed Secret Grip Putter Grip helps counterbalance the putter for improved stability, consistency and control on the greens.

The putter version of the Secret Grip retails for $24.99 and is easily installed on clubs from any manufacturer for an instant boost in performance. The added weight is achieved via a tungsten insert in the butt-end of the grip, combined with a rubber compound 40-percent heavier than what is used in standard grips. The Secret Grip features an oversized design, popular pistol shaping for comfort and an attractive black and green, two-tone color scheme.

“Early acclaim for the Secret Grip led this great young player to purchase it three weeks ago at The Bear’s Club and we see the immediate positive results” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “We’ve preached the benefits of counterbalanced equipment for years, with increasing validation by Tour players showing its ability to maximize performance in all areas of the game.”

Recent testing of more than 3,000 players shows 95 percent strongly prefer the Secret Grip over traditional offerings. Beyond independent testing, the grips continue to receive praise from scores of leading media, including “Top Products from the PGA Show” honors from Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine.

The principal of using counterweight within golf club design has proven to benefit golfers of all abilities, as strategically placed weight in the butt-end of the shaft produces a higher balance point for smoother, more repeatable swings from driver through putter. Boccieri Golf equipment has played a key role in victories on the PGA, European, Champions, Nationwide, Asian, Canadian and European Challenge Tours, and has received critical acclaim from golf and lifestyle media worldwide.

The full-swing Secret Grip and the putter version may be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Galaxy and Edwin Watts, as well

Avoid Three Putts With Paceyourputt Golf Training Aid

PEEKACEWhat the quickest way to lower your golf handicap? Most experts agree that one of the best ways for the average golfer to lower scores is to avoid three putts. Consistently judging the speed of a putt is often where the professionals differentiate themselves from the amateurs.

One new putting training aid could assist golfers of all skills levels improve their distance control in the comfort of their living room. The Paceyourputt® mat is 13′ long and 2′ wide and provides distance and alignment markings to help golfers practice hitting putts at the optimal length.

This unique golf training aid provides immediate feedback on alignment, direction, roll, pace and distance control. The product includes multiple visual aids and even ideal backswing lengths for 3-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot putts. The backswing length marks are a great tool to help golfers feel how far the putter should extend during the backswing.

Golfers can putt from both ends of the mat. Going towards the hole provides you with the backswing lengths and alignment lines, while when putting away from the hole, you are faced with six target zones, that decrease in size to develop feel and touch.

After practicing with the Paceyourputt, golfers will have a better feel for key distances and will also be ready to adjust their putting stroke to be more aggressive or conservative if needed. The Paceyourputt mat comes with a bag and a training book. It weighs less than seven pounds and is easy to use and easy to carry. Learn more about this unique golf training aid at the Paceyourputt website

Odyssey Answers Golf Putter Anchoring Ban

ODYSSEY_METALXThe proposed rule change for anchoring putters has been talked about for years, so it certainly didn’t come as a shock when golf’s governing bodies finally took action. What took considerably less time was the reaction by one popular putter manufacturer to produce a new line of putters to help bridge the gap between anchored and non-anchored putting.

Odyssey Golf, which is owned by Carlsbad-based Callaway, recently announced their new line of Metal-X Arm Lock Putters, which are built to help golfers who are used to the stabilizing feel of an anchored putter. According to the manufacturer, the new Odyssey putters will conform to the USGA’s anticipated ruling and offer a unique method of stabilizing the putter through a natural-feeling extension of the golfer’s arm.

“We have been working toward solutions for the proposed ban on the anchoring technique for some time now, and working with our Tour players, have identified an alternative and Tour-proven putting method,” said Chris Koske, Global Director, Odyssey Golf. “We’re now moving quickly to deliver the Arm Lock products that promote a stable and consistent putting stroke for both Professionals and amateur golfers.”

The Odyssey Metal-X Arm Lock Putter will be available initially in two models, the Metal-X #7 and the Metal-X DART. Both products will allow golfers to extend the shaft and grip up their lead forearm for consistent performance and control through the stroke.

“At Odyssey we were adamant about offering alternative solutions to golfers who might change their current technique based on the recent anchoring proposal,” said Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer, Odyssey Golf. “We have more Tour players around the world playing and winning with Odyssey putters than any other company; we worked closely with many of them to dial in the new Arm Lock Putters to ensure they perform at the highest level.”

The Odyssey Golf Arm Lock Putter will be available at retail in January 2013 for a new product introduction retail price of $189.99 in the United States.

Make More Putts Now With Free Ebook

PUTTINGZONEWith the average 20-handicap golfer typically needing about 36 putts per 18-hole round, it makes sense that most golfers are looking for any advantage they can find when using the flat stick. Improving your ability to read greens more accurately is one way to chip away at unwanted putts and one of the top putting coaches in the world is ready to help.

Geoff Mangum, a leading putting coach with over twenty years of experience working with amateurs and professionals on all tours, recently announced the release of his FREE 45-page ebook entitled “Slopes and Break”. Mr. Mangum’s new book details how to use one simple putt on the practice green before a round in order to test standard breaks on that course’s greens. His simple method uses real physics and greens science combined with the personal putting pace used by any specific golfer to make more putts.

“This method for learning break overcomes the flaws in green reading systems used by others who simply take a physics formula, assume some supposed “optimal” putting pace in general for all golfers, and then calculate breaks that don’t fit any specific golfer’s personal putting pace, and give breaks that are wrong for that golfer” said Geoff Mangum. “These calculated breaks also require golfers to use electronic gadgets on the course before playing the real round to measure green speeds, fall lines, and slopes in order to look up the breaks in calculation tables or charts, but never teach the golfer how to have skill to perceive these parameters independently as golfers are required to do when they play real golf. The PuttingZone teaches perception processes for putting reading and aiming, and the eBook covers these perceptual skills and methods.”

Mr. Mangum combines traditional putting techniques with modern neuroscience for human perception and movement in putting’s four skills as an integrated system: reading, aiming, stroking, and controlling distance. The result is a permanent and dramatic increase in putting competence and the added confidence that comes with real skill. His teaching has benefited PGA Tour players and launched amateurs into the top of the world amateur ranking and to victory in the British Amateur and the US Amateur Championships.

To learn more, visit the Putting Zone website. The eBook “Slopes and Break” is available FREE by email request to

4 Steps to Belly Putter Fitting

PHIL_BELLY_PUTTERGetting properly fit for your belly putter is essential to success of the hottest club on Tour. If you watch the Golf Channel, you’ll notice that belly putters are posting numerous wins on the PGA Tour and even more success in the retail stores, with both Cleveland Golf and TaylorMade forecasting 300% growth in belly putter sales. Even Phil Mickelson, master of the putting green, is using a belly putter.

As with most golf equipment, much of your success will depend on how well your club fits your body and your swing. With a general length range of between 40 to 45 inches, belly putters feature a much longer shaft compared to traditional putters, which typically come in lengths of 33 to 35 inches.

There are four major keys to fitting any putter to any golfer. Firstly, the eyes should come to rest over the ball, directly above the target line. This helps make sure the leading edge of the putter is lined up at a right angle to the intended target.

Secondly, your arms should hang directly under your shoulders with a slight flex at the elbows. This position promotes a natural pivoting motion along the target path. If the golfer is correctly in the position, it allows them to focus purely on the speed of the stroke.

The third primary key is to make sure your hips are lined up over your heels. This promotes proper balance during the stroke and also allows the golfer to keep their head completely still, which will help achieve consistent contact with the golf ball.

When the hips are centered over the heels, the player is balanced over the center of the feet. When a player is balanced over the center of their feet, they are able to keep their body and head still during the putting stroke which leads to solid and consistent contact with the golf ball.

The final step is where the length of putter shaft comes into play. A properly measured putter should simply connect the distance from where the eyes hit the ground and where the arms hang naturally under the shoulders. The club head of the belly putter should rest flush on the ground. If the toe or heel is off the ground, the ball will tend to travel off line.

Before you purchase your belly putter, make sure you get it properly fit to these standards. An improperly fit belly putter can actually cause your score more harm than your current putter!

Long Putters Surge in Popularity

MICHELLE_WIE_PUTTERWhat’s responsible for the surge in popularity of the long putter on professional golf tours? Why are so many PGA and now LPGA Tour golfers using the belly and broomstick models? For golf purists, the question is quite perplexing.

When Keegan Bradley won the PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club, he became the first golfer to win a major championship using something other than a standard-length putter. Bradley uses a belly putter, which is different from the broomstick putter that is anchored to a players chest or chin. That’s the putter that purists insist is not a real golf swing.

It’s not that long ago when a player using a long putter (belly or broomstick) was considered to be a player who couldn’t putt. Sure, there were the players who switched because of injury or age, trying to relieve a certain stress on their back or shoulders. But for the most part players with long putters were failed putters, golfer who had to search out a gimmick to come close to holing a putt.

A few weeks ago, 21 year-old Michelle Wie, began using a belly putter in an LPGA event. She joins a number of PGA Tour players in their 20s, including Bradley, who use either a belly or broomstick putter. It seems as though a long putter is no longer the last resort or something you fall into in your mid-30s or early-40s to stay on tour or when you are 50 and your back makes it tough just to mark you ball.

SAM PuttLab Assists LSU Golf National Champions

The LSU golf program installed their new SAM PuttLab in December and it looks like the results were the effort. For the first time in NCCA Division I history, the men’s and women’s individual champions came from the same school – LSU.

LSU freshman Austin Ernst took the women’s title in Bryan, Texas, on May 21. Then John Peterson won on the men’s tournament on June 2.

Both teams obviously put the SAM PuttLab to good use. The SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system based on an accurate ultrasound measurements. It analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in easy to understand graphic reports.

SAM PuttLab parent company Science & Motion spokesman Jef Carr said, “We’re very proud to be a part of the winning LSU Tigers program, the LSU golf program installed their new SAM PuttLab in December and seem to have put it to very good use. The coaching staff took advantage of a coaches training day SAM staff member Glen Coombe shortly after receiving their Sam and the results have been hard to argue with. The SAM PuttLab is a perfect addition to the outstanding training facility the Tigers have to work from.”

Carr added, “We feel the SAM PuttLab is the first technology that should be considered for any collegiate program. SAM PuttLab is completely portable and can be used both indoors and out. From putting analysis, to putt training, as well as putter fitting SAM PuttLab helps collegiate programs to reach their highest levels. We’ve proven the SAM PuttLab generates results. From winning team results just days after receiving a SAM (Clemson University) to winning individual honors at the highest level (LSU Tigers) SAM technology leads the way. Collegiate teams looking for the winning edge are choosing SAM PuttLab.”

Click here to learn about the SAM PuttLab and find locations and certified instructors.