Golf Training Aid Uses 3D Camera to Produce The Perfect Golf Swing

MYSWINGGURUIf you’ve got a 3D camera, such as the Microsoft Kinect for Windows, you can now have your golf swing immediately analyzed and compared to top PGA professionals using a revolutionary golf training aid. Guru Training Systems recently announced their new My Swinguru, which is an intuitive and interactive golf swing analysis software tool that enables self-learning through video recognition.

A golfer simply takes a swing in front of a 3D camera and My Swinguru provides instantaneous visual and audio feedback, detects flaws and recommends customized drills for rapid game improvement. The golfer can also compare his swing to top professional golfers.

More than just video analysis software, My Swinguru is designed to be used in golf simulators, hitting bays, recreational centers, training facilities, retail shops, events or even at home in your garage or in your living room.

“The launch of My Swinguru is an incredible milestone for our company. My Swinguru is our best and most comprehensive software yet. It’s a completely new engine and redesigned interface based on customer feedback from the past 2 years and made everything better: performance and accuracy, user experience, flaws detection, graphics. And it’s still version 1.0, our roadmap is full of future exciting add-ons. We managed to transform gesture recognition technology into a powerful yet simple and easy to use swing analysis software, with no extra expensive hardware required” said CEO Sébastien Wulf.

My Swinguru brings golf swing analysis software into a brand new era for all golfers who want to improve their game. Guru Training Systems is a leading software company that specializes in digital learning, training and teaching golf solutions. The product is available for a 30 day free-trial on the Swingguru website.

Golf Training Aid Investment Opportunity

PERFECT_PITCH_GOLFIf the majority of golf shots are taken near or around the green, why do so few golfers have an efficient short game? Two avid golfers have created a new golf training aid that could answer this question, but they need your help to make their dream a reality.

Jonah Mytro and Clay Hood have created the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat to help amateur golfers improve their setup and improve their results around the green. The goal of the product is to provide an alignment aid to help hit more consistent chip, pitch lob and bunker shots.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is a portable mat (3 lbs) that golfers can use at home, golf range or practice facility. Color coordinated foot and ball markers allow golfers to correctly line up their feet as well as ball position based on desired – red for a chip shot, white for a pitch shot and yellow for a lob or bunker shot. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat golf training aid was developed for golfers of all sizes and skill levels and comes in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of players – junior, medium and large.

The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat improves five critical areas of the golfer’s setup – stance width, alignment, aim, ball position and distance from the ball. This golf training aid helps golfers consistently feel the proper setup position so they can focus on the shot.

To help with the product launch, Myrto and Hood have set up a funding campaign on with the goal of raising $15,000. Their campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by midnight PST, Saturday, July 20. All money raised will go towards fulfilling their first order of 1,000 mats.

“My teaching experience has shown me that the biggest issue with a golfer’s short game is their setup. Our mats shows golfers how to setup correctly every time”, said Clay Hood, a PGA golf professional with over 10 years of experience teaching golfers of all abilities. “With a good setup, golfers have a much better chance of hitting better shots and shooting lower scores.”

It is estimated that 75% of golfers shoot 90 or above with the average score of an adult golfer at 98.3 (source: National Golf Foundation). With nearly 50% of all golf shots within 50 yards of the green, the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat has helped golfers achieve improved results around the green.

The funding campaign for the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat officially runs until July 20. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat is expected to be available for order online on July 25.

Tiger Woods Short Game Secrets Now On Your iPhone

TIGER_WOODS_APPTiger Woods has used a revitalized short game and putting stroke to claw his way back to the top spot in the world golf rankings. Therefore, it’s appropriate that his Tiger Woods Foundation is launching a new golf teaching mobile app that will focus on chipping, putting and bunker play.

Tiger Woods: My Swing will include monthly video lessons focusing on Tiger’s world class short game techniques. His first lesson will cover putting, including ball position, eye line, toe line and stroke line, along with bonus footage from Tiger discussing warm-up routines, preferred golf courses and his favorite sports teams.

The focal point of the Tiger Woods app is swing analysis, which will allow golfers to use the technology to capture video of their swing, evaluate it and compare it to Tiger’s. The 14-time major champion serves as a virtual coach, teaching users how to use swing-line analysis while providing tips on specific areas for improvement. The app updates also make the ability to switch between recording left- and right-handed swings easier, adding retina display and iPhone 5 resolutions. The Tiger Woods: My Swing App is available for $4.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) and $9.99 (iPad2+) from the Apple App Store.

“I’m always pushing myself to get better, and looking for ways to improve my game. My Swing gives me the chance to share with fans some things that I’ve learned throughout my career,” said Woods. “The app helps golfers evaluate their swing and find ways to improve without the use of expensive equipment or relying on another set of eyes. I’m excited about the new video lessons and hope my fans find them beneficial to improving their short game.”

Proceeds from the sale of Tiger Woods: My Swing benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, which was founded in 1996 by Tiger Woods and his father, Earl. The Foundation has reached millions of young people by delivering unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities. Specific programs of the Foundation include the Tiger Woods Learning Center, a one-of-a-kind, 35,000-square-foot education facility custom-built for the underserved youth of Southern California.

To learn more about the app, visit The Tiger Woods Foundation website.

Scot W.R. Nei Named 2012 Golf Business Innovator of the Year

SCOT NEIAccording to the PGA of America, there are over 27,000 male and female golf professionals who work tirelessly to help teach, manage and grow the game of golf. The impact that a great teacher can make with a student within the great game of golf can be enormous. Few instructors have made a bigger impact on the game this past year than Scot W.R. Nei, which is why we are proud to announce Scot as our 2012 Golf Business Innovator of the Year.

Scot has coupled his vision and understanding of the golf swing with the Golf Robot from Tourbound Golf Academy, a game-changing device that helps golfers learn improve their swing by feel. Nei’s Golf Robot looks like an arcade game with a golf club attached. Students grab the club grip on the Golf Robot and literally feel what a fluid golf swing feels like. Nei controls the path of the club using a computer that drives the Golf Robot.

Instead of using swing thoughts, positions and complicated analysis, the genius of Nei’s system is its simplicity. Take a few swings on the Golf Robot and let your muscle memory take over. He’s literally giving your brain a road map of your perfect swing on the same path, building new muscle memory with every swing.

It’s an exceptionally quick and concise system to remove the paralysis by analysis that so many golfers struggle with. It’s also a wonderfully stress-free to way for golfers of all skill levels enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Scot Nei entered the PGA Apprentice Program in 1989 and is widely recognized as one of golf’s hardest working and most innovative instructors. He’s worked on the golf swing with top instructors such as Rick Smith, Claude Harmon and Dave Pelz. He’s also coached golfers of all skills levels, from beginners to top touring professionals.

Incorporating his extensive knowledge of the golf swing with the revolutionary technology of the Golf Robot is where Nei truly earns acknowledgement as Golf Business Innovator of the Year. At a time when more people are leaving the game due to frustration with the complexity of the swing, Nei’s ground-breaking approach could signal the future of golf improvement globally.

The Golf Robot, used in conjunction with a trained golf professional, has helped absolute beginners learn the golf swing and experience astounding results on the golf course in a fraction of the time of traditional teaching methods. Since the computer-driven process is completely customizable for the strengths and weaknesses of each golfer, Nei’s system is also a perfect resource for top players who have lost their “feel” or who are looking advance their technique. With the Golf Robot, you can even simulate the golf swing feel of top PGA Tour professionals such as Tiger Woods and Jim Fuyrk.

Scot Nei and the Golf Robot are located in downtown Chicago, IL, with plans to expand globally. To learn more about Scot Nei or to schedule a lesson with the Golf Robot, visit the Tourbound Golf Academy website.

Minimize Golfers’ Tan With Naked Sports Gear

NAKED_SPORTS_GEARIt’s a problem fashion-conscious golfers have faced since the game first began. How to avoid the dreaded golfers’ tan? Now one new sports apparel company could have the answer.

Naked Sports Gear creates sports apparel for avid outdoor athletes and fitness goers that minimizes tan lines using a patent-pending concept that is moisture wicking and tan through. The company’s products are made of lightweight mesh fabrics to minimize tan lines and a quick-dry material to keep the skin cool and dry.

In addition to their first product the Naked Sports Bras, the company now offers opaque and sheer golf shirts. All of their products are sourced and manufactured in New York City’s Garment District.

“Our company’s launch earlier this year kickstarted a frenzy of interest and requests for more tan-through items,” says co-founder and CEO Reilly Starr. “It was the best problem a start-up could have, so five months later, we now have five products to offer those looking to minimize horrid tan lines. “

“We are very excited to satisfy the interest of our fans with new products that are fun tie-dyed colors, sexy styles and most importantly, tan-through,” says Katie Sue Nicklos, co-founder and Chief Design Officer. “The challenge to transform traditional active wear into one of a kind tan-through active wear has been an innovative and rewarding experience.”

You can review their entire product line at the Naked Sports Gear website.

Bubba Watson’s Secret New Golf Glove

FOOTJOY_GTEXTREMEThe proper grip has a major impact on the golf swing and having the right golf glove can dynamically contribute to the effort. A golf glove that doesn’t fit properly or doesn’t perform well under varied conditions could actually be a detriment to your golf game.

To help golfers establish a solid grip in all conditions, FootJoy recently introduced GTxtreme, which the company said represents the ultimate in golf grip technology to help maximize grip and durability in all conditions on the golf course. The FootJoy GTxtreme golf glove uses a proprietary leather technology combined with a digital FiberSof™ material to help maximize golf grip and durability. The soft FiberSof™ material on the back of the glove along with the PowerNet™ mesh and Power-Locking closure promotes a consistent fit, enhances comfort and creates an optimal fit. Add all this new technology together and you have one of the most anticipated new golf gloves in recent memory.

2012 Masters Champion Bubba Waston first used the FootJoy GTxtreme golf glove at The Open Championship in July at Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Course in Lancashire, England. According to FootJoy, Watson wore the glove during every round of the Open Championship and every round he’s played since. Watson finished finished tied for 23rd at the Open, but has been happy with the performance of the GTxtreme glove so far. “Once I put the GTxtreme glove in play,” said Watson, “everything about it was great! It gives me more control to perform at my best.”

“GTxtreme provides the best of all worlds; exceptional grip performance in all-conditions, maximum durability, comfort, superb flexibility and breathability with a precision fit,” said Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing for FootJoy Golf Gloves and Accessories. “Together with a new high-impact package, prominent in-store display, creative interactive campaign and heavy print support featuring Bubba Watson’s tour proven performance, the new GTxtreme glove is sure to be a major hit.”

According to FootJoy, the GTxtreme is built for maximum durability by utilizing exclusively tanned leather in the palm and thumb, which should be beneficial in even the most extreme conditions. The glove also includes the QMark™ ball marker, which is an exclusive magnetic ballmarker that gives you quick and easy access to mark your ball.

The GTxtreme will debut at retail stores on September 1st and carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $15. Visit the FootJoy website to learn more about the GTxtreme golf clove.

Bad Golf Weather No Longer a Problem With Nike Lunar Bandon

NIKE_LUNAR_BANDONGet ready to add another piece of equipment to your bad weather golf arsenal with the introduction of the new Nike Lunar Bandon golf shoe. The sportswear giant believes these new kicks can match whatever harsh weather a player might face on the golf course, while keeping their feet warm and dry. These new weatherproof golf shoes are designed for all elements – whether hot, dry, wet or soggy.

In creating the Nike Lunar Bandon, the company looked to add the ultimate in protection and playability for footwear under the most difficult conditions on the golf course. According to Nike Golf’s Footwear Product Director Lee Walker, “You have outerwear, all-weather gloves, and covers for your golf bag. We wanted to complement that with a shoe that works with the rest of your gear to protect while it performs. In some climates, if you waited for fair weather days, you wouldn’t have many options to get out and play. In the Lunar Bandon, golfers have a shoe that allows them to practice and play in any condition.”

For the past few years, golf shoe manufacturers and golf retailers have been looking to feed the public’s interest in footwear that doesn’t look or feel like regular golf shoes. Many of the latest shoe models have featured ultra lightweight, low profile shoes that place an emphasis on comfort and flexibility. Many of the games top stars now wear these types of low profile “slippers” including legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Ernie Els, winner of the 2012 Open Championship, has played many competitive tournaments recently wearing the casual street-style Callaway Del Mar golf shoe. “I can’t recommend them highly enough,” said Els. “You can basically put them on in the morning, drive to the golf course and walk straight on to the first tee.”

The Nike Lunar Bandon is an even less traditional golf shoe than the street-style shoes that Els wears. Featuring a bright, asymmetrical zipper across the top of the shoe, the Nike Lunar Bandon provides a waterproof shield and higher silhouette than traditional golf shoes to better exist with rain pants. The shoe utilizes an integrated traction design on the outsole that is engineered to help eliminate clogging and increase ground contact. It also offers speed lacing with a simple toggle to help the fastening process and a notched-out heal to maximize walking comfort.

The Nike Lunar Bandon will be available at retail stores starting in October with a minimum advertised price of $139. This type of bad weather shoe could be the next necessary component for golfers around the world.

Learn more about the Nike Lunar Bandon at their website.

Paula Creamer Teams With Luxury Golf Car Maker Garia

CREAMER_GARIALuxury golf car maker Garia continues to grow its popularity by providing unique, customized products. One golfer who has become a fan is 2010 US Women’s Opem Champion Paula Creamer, who just signed a new partnership agreement with the innovative company from Denmark. Paula is now an ambassador for Garia and has been seen in her own luxury golf car in photos from her Twitter account.

“The Garia is amazing. I love it! It looks and feels great with some serious get up and go – what a beauty! It’s a fun ride and something that really works for me!” said Creamer. Paula selected her own unique customizations on her new Garia, including a the Pink Panther logo seat with pink seat piping, pink golf bag holder straps, and air brushed “PC” initials in pink on each side of the utility box behind the seat.

The Garia is created in collaboration with golf professionals and built at one of Europe’s finest automotive factories with a track-record of manufacturing Porsches. The Garia design team has been uncompromising in its efforts to create the best golf car in the world. Luxury features on the Garia include a built-in refrigerator, extra comfortable sport seat and 12” alloy wheels. The Garia is available in various models, including street legal and 4-seater.

“At Garia, we feel our cars truly complement Paula’s strong personality and energy, and embody our shared values such as dedication to performance and passion for the game of golf. We are very proud to have her as a Garia ambassador, and we are confident the car will suit her needs on and off the course,” says Anders Lynge, designer of the Garia.

Fix Your Golf Grip With The Leadbetter Glove

LEADBETTER_GLOVEThere are many often-repeated facts or truisims about the game of the golf that are shared between golfers. One aspect of the golf swing that can’t be overstated is the importance of the golf grip in executing an effective, repeatable golf swing. It’s estimated that over 80% of all golfers grip the club incorrectly, greatly reducing their chances of swinging the club successfully.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try a new golf glove that could quickly and easily assist any golfer with their grip. The product is from top teaching professional David Leadbetter and is called The Leadbetter Glove.

In addition to the unique markings on the glove, the first thing I noticed about The Leadbetter Glove is the quality of the leather. Unlike many training aid products, this glove is made with a high-quality cabretta leather that feels and looks great. This is important, because many amateur players who are learning the game and would be excellent candidates for this product have a tendency to grip the club with a bit too much force. The Leadbetter Glove seems to be well built and should be ready for even the firmest grips.

Another aspect of The Leadbetter Glove that I liked is the simple feedback that the glove provides via visual indicators on the glove itself. There’s a palm alignment patch that illustrates where the club should lay in the palm of your hand. The product also has what is called a “Life Line Indicator” that assists with placing your opposite hand, so your overlapping grip is set perfectly.

The Leadbetter Glove has two additional visual feedback components. The Knuckle Indicator allows to you adjust and manage your grip. If you have a strong grip, two knuckles will show via the Knuckle Indicator. A neutral grip will show only a single knuckle.

Finally, the “V Patch Indicator” is a handly marker that helps you make sure your thumb and index finger are pointing to the proper location on your shoulder. This final grip alignment indicator helps bring the entire grip together and makes The Leadbetter Glove a great tool for both low and high-handicap golfers.

Learn more at the Leadbetter Glove website.

Golfersskin Sunscreen Making Major Impact on PGA Tour

GOLFERSSKINWebb Simpson’s victory at the US Open at Olympic Club was big news for Mr. Simpsons’ sponsors, many of whom ran congratulatory ads in golf magazines around the world. One brand that Mr. Simpson does not endorse, but is alleged to use, is golf sunscreen product Golfersskin. In addition to Webb Simpson, Masters champion Bubba Watson is also rumored to use Golfersskin, making the company two for two in majors this season.

Golfersskin does not pay any players to use its product and is therefore restricted from using player names in their promotion. However, according to Kevin Haglof of Golfersskin, five of the top nine players in the US Open used Golfersskin sunscreen. Also according to Mr. Haglof, seven of the top ten golfers in the world are using Golfersskin, including the number one player in the world.

Golfersskin is sunscreen that was developed specifically for golfers and is water resistant and sweat resistant. The product offers total UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging rays while allowing players to grip the club without any oily residue.

Golfers also enjoy the moisturizing Aloe vera and UMF 18 Manuka Honey, which helps provide nutrients to the skin, while providing anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits. The Manuka Honey helps assists the body’s ability to hydrate while soothing and improving skin.

Golfersskin products are made in New Zealand, home of the highest rate of skin cancer per capita in the world. The company is also a supporting sponsor of the Sun SafeTee® Program, which is the leader in sun protection education for golfers. Golfersskin sunscreen products are distributed at selectSun SafeTee educational outreach efforts focusing on skin protection awareness for golfers.

Learn more about Golfersskin at their website.