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The revolutionary GAME GOLF allows you to see your game, share your game, compare your game and compete like never before. You’ll receive a wearable device and a set of club tags, one for each club in your bag. The device tracks the distance and location of each shot that you take and plots it on a map.

Compare your game performance and all of your statistics to the pros, to other players all over the world, to players at your home course and to players anywhere like you. GAME GOLF knows what club you used, how far you hit each shot with that club and where you hit it.

Game Golf Digital Tracking System


The Bushnell Tour V3 Laser Rangefinder with JOLT Technology eliminates all doubt by delivering short vibrating bursts to reinforce that the laser has locked onto the flag.

Each Patriot Pack includes a Tour v3 Rangefinder, a protective blue neoprene Skinz, a battery, and a premium carry case. Use what the pros use, feel the exact distance, and feel the JOLT. Additional features: Five-times magnification Ranges 5-1,000 yards; 400+ yards to a flag Ergonomic design with stable rubber grip; Accuracy to within one yard; Legal for tournament play.

Bushnell 2014 Tour V3 Patriot Pack Rangefinder


Mobile golf swing analysis device that pairs an elegant and intuitive app with a lightweight sensor that attaches easily to any golf club just below the grip. Immediately after a golf swing, Swingbyte 2 wirelessly transmits key swing data and interactive 3-D imagery via Bluetooth to a golfers iOS or Android device. Features include video integration and side-by-side comparisons. Valuable swing metrics captured include club head speed, path, plane, and various angles at impact.

Attaches easily to any club, driver through putter. Stores all swings in history for easy reference.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer


The PutterWheel is a putting training aid uniquely engineered to be highly sensitive to mis-hits, resulting in wobbling and curving off the intended line. The red beveled edges make getting your eyes directly over the ball fool-proof.

Once you have trained yourself to roll the PutterWheel smoothly on line, you can deploy that mental visualization on the course by drawing two parallel lines on your game ball with the alignment tool.

THE PUTTER WHEEL Putting Trainer – 2 pack


Voted best new product of the 2012 PGA Expo, the ES12 is a portable launch monitor that uses Doppler radar technology to measure your ball distance and speed for every club in your bag.

Once the ball is hit, the ball speed and ball distance are displayed on the LCD screen of the ES12 while also storing the information on your smart device. Once your smart device is connected via Bluetooth, listen for instant audible feedback that tells you your distance aloud.

Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

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