Charitable Impact of Golf Nearly $4 Billion

CHARITY_GOLFIf you play golf, there’s a good chance you’ve been asked to participate in a charity golf event of some sort during your lifetime. Golf is a tremendously social sport that helps bring people together and golf outings can be a highly beneficial tool to help raise money for charitable organizations.

According to a recent report from GOLF 20/20, which is a collaboration of leading organizations representing all segments of the United States golf industry, the game of golf’s charitable impact is $3.9 billion. This number includes an estimated 12,000 golf facilities, 143,000 events, 12 million participants and an average of $26,300 raised per function.

The report also estimates the entire golf industry’s economic impact at $68.8 billion in 2011. This number includes several core segments such as golf facility operations, golf course capital investment, golfer supplies, tournaments and associations, charities and enabled categories such as real estate, hospitality and tourism.

According to the report, the golf business generated 1.98 million jobs in 2011, producing over $55.6 billion in wage income earned by employees of these businesses. Over 25.7 million golfer participated in the game at 15,751 traditional golf facilities.

“The economy has endured two significant recessions the past decade and golf has fared well,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation, administrator of GOLF 20/20. “The health and growth of the game has a direct bearing on jobs, commerce, economic development and tax revenues for U.S. communities and industries.”

Golf’s core industries alone exceed the economic impact of spectator sports, the performing arts, and the amusement and recreation industries.

Golf Helped Raise Nearly $4 Billion for Charity in 2011

GOLF_2020The game of golf continues to give back in record numbers as was recently announced by a major golf industry organization. According to a study recently conducted by the National Golf Foundation and GOLF 20/20, the charitable impact of golf in the United States was $3.9 billion in 2011. Yes, that’s billion with a “B”.

Estimates from the study include charitable golf event participation at 12,000 golf facilities in the United States, with over 143,000 events being conducted in 2011. Those golf outings included over 12,000 million participants and averaged over $26,000 in funds raised per event.

The charitable impact findings in this study are based on qualitative calls and data collection from a coast-to-coast sampling of public and private golf facilities, and non-profit organizations producing golf events. More than 85 percent of organizations that conduct golf events find them important because, in addition to raising significant funds, they are easy to organize and provide exposure and networking opportunities among supporters. Golf event beneficiaries include health, youth, education, environmental and cultural groups across the country.

“Regardless of the economic climate, golf is a key driver of charitable giving in the U.S.,” says Steve Mona, CEO of the World Golf Foundation, administrator of GOLF 20/20. “As a major focus of the golf industry, working with organizers of philanthropic events helps improve millions of lives.”

GOLF 20/20 was launched in 2000 with the goal of focusing on the future vitality of the game. The golf industry was not growing as fast as it had in the 1990s, even though interest in the game had never been greater, so golf industry leaders worked with PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem to create GOLF 20/20. The organization is a unique collaboration of all segments of the golf industry, from associations and manufacturers to golf course owners and operators as well as the media. Its primary strategic goals and initiatives are to increase participation and retention, involvement and interest in the game.

Learn more at the World Golf Foundation website.