Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer for Lower Scores


660_SWINGBYTE2Whether you’re working by yourself or with a golf instructor, a golf swing analyzer can be an invaluable golf training aid to help diagnose and correct problems. Swingbyte just introduced the second generation of their golf swing analyzer, which includes a redesigned lightweight sensor. The product features a new latching mechanism that makes it easier to attach the Swingbyte to any club. It also offers a new alignment aid that allows users to easily orient Swingbyte 2 for consistent data session to session. The new Swingbyte 2 sensor also features a lower profile, an electronic power switch and covert LED lights.

The Swingbyte 2 golf swing analyzer captures key metrics from a golf swing and wirelessly transmits that data and an interactive visual representation of the swing to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The 3-D golf swing analysis and metrics can be used by the golfer or with the assistance of a PGA instructor.

The new Swingbyte 2 weighs less than one ounce and attaches to any club just below the grip. As the club contacts a ball, the wireless sensor transmits a 3D digital version of the swing to the Swingbyte app. Digitized and video recorded images of the swing – along with measurements of club head speed, swing plane, face angle, loft and lie angles and tempo – can be viewed on smartphones and tablets during practice sessions and archived in the cloud for future reference.

“The new sensor makes the entire user experience with Swingbyte even easier so golfers can improve faster,” said Brian Payne, a former PGA Professional and a Swingbyte co-founder.
Swingbyte’s namesake product, released in April 2012, was hailed by Golf Digest as one of the “12 Coolest Items” at the 2012 PGA Show. Since its introduction, a number of top 100 instructors, including Dr. Jim Suttie, Chris O’Connell, Brad Redding and Kevin Weeks, have joined Swingbyte’s professional advisory board.

Swingbyte also recently unveiled an enhanced 2.0 version of its free mobile app for iPad. New features include the ability to record in-app video that auto-trims unnecessary footage and synchronizes recorded swings to Swingbyte’s 3D visuals and data. The Swingbyte golf training aid now provides golfers and instructors with the unique ability to accurately track the body and club throughout the swing. Both the original model and Swingbyte 2 sensors are compatible with the recently released 2.0 software.

Swingbyte 2 retails for $149 and includes the Swingbyte sensor, the free Swingbyte app and an online account at my.swingbyte.com, which includes additional analytics, community rankings and personal trends.

Avoid Three Putts With Paceyourputt Golf Training Aid

PEEKACEWhat the quickest way to lower your golf handicap? Most experts agree that one of the best ways for the average golfer to lower scores is to avoid three putts. Consistently judging the speed of a putt is often where the professionals differentiate themselves from the amateurs.

One new putting training aid could assist golfers of all skills levels improve their distance control in the comfort of their living room. The Paceyourputt® mat is 13′ long and 2′ wide and provides distance and alignment markings to help golfers practice hitting putts at the optimal length.

This unique golf training aid provides immediate feedback on alignment, direction, roll, pace and distance control. The product includes multiple visual aids and even ideal backswing lengths for 3-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot putts. The backswing length marks are a great tool to help golfers feel how far the putter should extend during the backswing.

Golfers can putt from both ends of the mat. Going towards the hole provides you with the backswing lengths and alignment lines, while when putting away from the hole, you are faced with six target zones, that decrease in size to develop feel and touch.

After practicing with the Paceyourputt, golfers will have a better feel for key distances and will also be ready to adjust their putting stroke to be more aggressive or conservative if needed. The Paceyourputt mat comes with a bag and a training book. It weighs less than seven pounds and is easy to use and easy to carry. Learn more about this unique golf training aid at the Paceyourputt website

Digital Golf Swing Analysis With SwingSmart Golf Analyzer

SWINGSMARTIf you’re looking to take the next step towards a better golf swing, the answer could soon be in your hands. Illinois-based NewSpin Golf recently announced an innovative golf swing analyzer called SwingSmart that provides in-depth information on critical elements of a golfer’s swing.

The product includes a Bluetooth-enabled sensor module that is attached to the shaft of any golf club. The wireless device then communicates a digital swing analysis via a free app for iPad, iPhone or iPod devices. The SwingSmart was just named “Best App for Instant Feedback” by GOLF Magazine.

The SwingSmart is highly powerful tool with the ability to quickly identify helpful data and instantly transfer it to a user’s iPhone or iPad. With the SwingSmart, you’ll see valuable statistics about your golf swing such as tempo, swing speed, face angle and angle of attack. The app provides a “3-D Swing-View” that shows 360-degrees of a player’s swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle. In addition, the system provides info on a player’s putting stroke to help them improve their short game scoring.

“We worked very hard to bring this product to market and are extremely proud to see our innovative technology recognized for the benefits it provides golfers of all skill levels,” says Angelo Papadourakis, CEO of NewSpin Golf. “SwingSmart delivers instant access to detailed, easy to interpret information that will lead to lasting performance improvement.”

Designed and assembled in the USA, SwingSmart’s portable sensor module comes with a personal carrying case and rechargeable battery that lasts more than four hours. Recognized by PGA Professionals as a way to augment lessons, the app is available for free download via the iTunes store and will soon be offered on the Android Marketplace.

The SwingSmart is available for purchase online for $249.99. For more information, visit the SwingSmart website.

Fix Your Golf Grip With The Leadbetter Glove

LEADBETTER_GLOVEThere are many often-repeated facts or truisims about the game of the golf that are shared between golfers. One aspect of the golf swing that can’t be overstated is the importance of the golf grip in executing an effective, repeatable golf swing. It’s estimated that over 80% of all golfers grip the club incorrectly, greatly reducing their chances of swinging the club successfully.

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try a new golf glove that could quickly and easily assist any golfer with their grip. The product is from top teaching professional David Leadbetter and is called The Leadbetter Glove.

In addition to the unique markings on the glove, the first thing I noticed about The Leadbetter Glove is the quality of the leather. Unlike many training aid products, this glove is made with a high-quality cabretta leather that feels and looks great. This is important, because many amateur players who are learning the game and would be excellent candidates for this product have a tendency to grip the club with a bit too much force. The Leadbetter Glove seems to be well built and should be ready for even the firmest grips.

Another aspect of The Leadbetter Glove that I liked is the simple feedback that the glove provides via visual indicators on the glove itself. There’s a palm alignment patch that illustrates where the club should lay in the palm of your hand. The product also has what is called a “Life Line Indicator” that assists with placing your opposite hand, so your overlapping grip is set perfectly.

The Leadbetter Glove has two additional visual feedback components. The Knuckle Indicator allows to you adjust and manage your grip. If you have a strong grip, two knuckles will show via the Knuckle Indicator. A neutral grip will show only a single knuckle.

Finally, the “V Patch Indicator” is a handly marker that helps you make sure your thumb and index finger are pointing to the proper location on your shoulder. This final grip alignment indicator helps bring the entire grip together and makes The Leadbetter Glove a great tool for both low and high-handicap golfers.

Learn more at the Leadbetter Glove website.

Swing Whistle Golf Training Aid

[youtube]http://youtu.be/l0qBF25igDE[/youtube]When does your golf swing reach its maximum velocity? For most golfers, the answer to that question often parallels their handicap. Higher handicap golfers tend to achieve maximum velocity before or after impact, while lower handicappers usually reach their peak right at impact.

The negative difference between these two sets of swings can often leading to fat shots or off-center hits. Both of these results cost both distance and accuracy.

In order to correct this epidemic of misplaced velocity, Casey McMullin, a Seattle-area golf professional has created a golf training aid that instantly informs you when you’ve reached maximum club head speed within your golf swing through a high-pitched whistle. The product is called the “Swing Whistle” and is a lightweight device that attaches to the neck of your golf club and makes a whistling noise. The goals when using the product during your golf swing is to have the maximum noise occur just before the club hits the ball.

This unique golf training aid works to train the tempo and timing of your golf swing to help produce an effective and accurate golf swing, avoiding the miss hits that plague many amateur players. The Swing Whistle using multi-sensory feedback to improve the fundamentals of your golf swing and maximize your results.

The Swing Whistle is manufactured in Beaverton, Orgeon and is available online for $19.95 at www.swingwhistle.com.

Fix Your Golf Swing in 3D with Swingbyte


SWINGBYTEA new golf technology device could have the answer to what’s happening in your golf swing. Swingbyte is a new swing feedback device that garnered a great deal of attention at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando earlier this year. It’s also a pioneering pairing of your golf swing and your smartphone or tablet.

Swingbyte itself is a lightweight sensor that you can attach to the shaft of any golf club that communicates your swing via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. The product provides a real-time 3D rendering of your golf swing from any angle, along with detailed statistics of your swing such as club head speed and impact angle. The Swingbyte information and graphics are a perfect golf improvement tool for golf instructors and golfers themselves, providing your golf club’s exact plane from address to impact.

Swingbyte was developed by three University of Chicago students who were inspired to find a new way to utilize smartphone technology to analyze the golf swing. Their Swingbyte product was named a top 3 Winner of the Chicago Booth 2011 New Venture Challenge – one of the top student business plan competitions in the United States.

“Swingbyte is a simple, convenient and affordable way for golfers to learn about their golf swing and improve their game,” said Brian Payne, a former winner on the Canadian PGA Tour who is vice president of business development for Chicago-based Swingbyte. “We think it’s going to be a great resource for golfers and golf teachers.”

Swingbyte is now available and can be ordered online for $149 at Golfsmith. The Swingbyte app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer

Golf Robot Swing Trainer Revolutionizing Golf Improvement

GOLF_ROBOTLocated in a golf playground known as Play18 Chicago on the 3rd floor of a downtown highrise is the golf swing training device that is changing the way golf is taught and learned. For every golfer who has invested thousands of hours and dollars in golf lessons, practice, and video review, the TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer could be your holy grail.

Backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, the Golf Robot from Tourbound Golf Academy is a remarkable system that helps the golfer learn the golf swing by feel. Golf instruction guru Hank Haney believes the TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer will revolutionize how golf is learned.

I recently had the privilege to experience a lesson utilizing this remarkable swing training technology with PGA Professional and Golf Robot owner Scot W.R. Nei at Play18 Chicago.

Utilizing a rotating mix of swings using the TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer and Play18’s swing-analysis driving bays, Scot was able to quickly diagnose my most significant swing flaws. He then calibrated the Golf Robot to actually allow me to experience what my corrected swing should feel like. Just grab the club on the Golf Robot and literally feel the correction being made – it’s that simple.

Scot’s program included roughly ten swings on the Golf Robot and then ten swings in the driving bays where we would track my ball trajectory and distance. As I learned the correct feel during the guided Golf Robot swings, it was then second nature to translate that swing in the driving bay without aid from the swing trainer. It’s muscle memory at its finest and is a remarkably stress-free way to learn the golf swing.

Using this approach Scot has helped people from all walks of life who’ve never swung a golf club enjoy the game of golf with a single lesson. In addition to golf beginners, Scot uses the TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer with Tour players to help them optimize and recalibrate the “feel” of their golf swing, maximizing their learning and practice time.

The TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer is definitely the most advanced and most effective golf improvement device I’ve ever experienced. It literally gives your brain a road map of your perfect swing on the same path, building new muscle memory with every swing on the device. You can expect to hear a lot more in the coming months from the TourBound Golf Robot Swing Trainer as the news of its ground-breaking technology and results continues to build.

To view golf robot swing lesson videos, visit the Tourbound Golf Academy website.

Long Drive Your Way to Lower Golf Scores

EXTRA20YARDSA long drive is a quick way to shorten a golf course and allow you to hit more short irons into the green. Most golfers aren’t born with Dustin Johnson’s long drive distance, so we need to build our ability to hit the longest drive.

The Extra Twenty Yards® is an at-home weight-pulley device that mimics the golf swing to increase club head speed and add long drive distance to your game. Its creator, Graeme Alexander, recommends golfers spend about three to five minutes with the device three to four times a week.

“I lack the motivation to go to a gym for an hour or 90 minutes three times a week so I can hit a golf ball farther,” Alexander said. “So I came up with an exercise machine that is biomechanically specific to the golf swing.

The Extra Twenty Yards® is a patented product specifically designed to aid golfers to hit the golf ball further. The product is a weight machine which can help develop strength in the golf swing. Stronger golf muscles will result in faster movement and golf club speed.

“In a gym, weighted pulleys are vertical. The Extra Twenty Yards® has a handle that replicates the gripped end of a golf club and you pull — in lighter weight increments — on the correct golf swing plane.”

The Extra Twenty Yards® requires a room with at least an eight-foot ceiling. Already sold in Europe, where it has earned support from numerous teaching pros, the Extra 20 Yards was introduced in the United States last month for $350

Vist the The Extra Twenty Yards® website for more information.

Golf At Any Angle Could Change Your Golf Practice Routine

golf at any angleAs most golf teaching professionals are acutely aware, amateur golfers have a tendency to practice what they’re good at and avoid the shots that need work. However, some shots that we all need practice with are often difficult to simulate on the driving range.

Most golf practice facilities are equipped with flat practice surfaces, but very few offer the chance to practice up hill, down hill and side hill shots. However, one young entrepreuner has created a solution that is attracting a great deal of buzz in the golf business this winter.

University of Iowa student Scott Pralle has created Golf At Any Angle, which is a state of the art practice platform that allows golfers to practice just about any shot faced on the golf course. Golf At Any Angle is a portable practice platform that comes can be adjusted in 5 and 10 degree increments to simulate multiple lies. This new product helps golfers learn how to maintain their spine with the ball below or above their feet as well as up hill or down hill lies.

Vist www.golfatanyangle.com to learn more about the Golf At Any Angle Training Platform.

Golf Training System Mounts Laser on Your Head

LAZER LINKThe primary essential to improving your golf game is feedback. The continued repition of trying something followed by constructive feedback is the basic recipe for any golfer at any skill level.

The new Lazer Link golf tool could be a great resource to help your game by providing immediate feedback on your putting and ball striking. This new product is a complete golf training system that provides remarkable results by delivering quick feedback and visualization, as you steady your head and keeping your eyes on the ball.

The Lazer Link helps connects your eyes to the golf ball and provides instant feedback to what your head and eyes are doing during the putting stroke. It also works well for the full swing and promotes correct body posture each time you use it. Once set up correctly to the ball, the lazer’s light is on the ball only when you are back in the correct position.

The Lazer Link is for indoor practice only, includes two specialized tips, batteries and comes complete with directions for awareness exercises, putting and full swing drills. This simple product slides on the brim of any hat or visor, is fully adjustable, easy to use. Practice for only minutes a day for best results.

When it comes to learning and improving, feedback and visualization are the two most effective strategies promoting peak performance and this golf device delivers on both counts- making it easy to use for improve scoring.

The product retails for $17 online and includes free E-Book called: Golf, The 20 Second Game. To learn more or buy, visit www.thelazerlink.com.