Tiger Woods Short Game Secrets Now On Your iPhone

TIGER_WOODS_APPTiger Woods has used a revitalized short game and putting stroke to claw his way back to the top spot in the world golf rankings. Therefore, it’s appropriate that his Tiger Woods Foundation is launching a new golf teaching mobile app that will focus on chipping, putting and bunker play.

Tiger Woods: My Swing will include monthly video lessons focusing on Tiger’s world class short game techniques. His first lesson will cover putting, including ball position, eye line, toe line and stroke line, along with bonus footage from Tiger discussing warm-up routines, preferred golf courses and his favorite sports teams.

The focal point of the Tiger Woods app is swing analysis, which will allow golfers to use the technology to capture video of their swing, evaluate it and compare it to Tiger’s. The 14-time major champion serves as a virtual coach, teaching users how to use swing-line analysis while providing tips on specific areas for improvement. The app updates also make the ability to switch between recording left- and right-handed swings easier, adding retina display and iPhone 5 resolutions. The Tiger Woods: My Swing App is available for $4.99 (iPhone and iPod touch) and $9.99 (iPad2+) from the Apple App Store.

“I’m always pushing myself to get better, and looking for ways to improve my game. My Swing gives me the chance to share with fans some things that I’ve learned throughout my career,” said Woods. “The app helps golfers evaluate their swing and find ways to improve without the use of expensive equipment or relying on another set of eyes. I’m excited about the new video lessons and hope my fans find them beneficial to improving their short game.”

Proceeds from the sale of Tiger Woods: My Swing benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, which was founded in 1996 by Tiger Woods and his father, Earl. The Foundation has reached millions of young people by delivering unique experiences and innovative educational opportunities. Specific programs of the Foundation include the Tiger Woods Learning Center, a one-of-a-kind, 35,000-square-foot education facility custom-built for the underserved youth of Southern California.

To learn more about the app, visit The Tiger Woods Foundation website.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 Defends Its Turf

TigerWoodsPGATOUR14The biggest video game in golf is back this week as the new Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 has returned. Backed by a popular video ad campaign that features Woods, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino defending their turf against a group of street thugs, the arrival of this video game is sure to be another spark to fan the white hot anticipation of The Masters.

In an effort to tie today’s current stars with the greats of the game and golf’s great tournaments, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 features nine of golf’s legends, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods, at historic Open Championship venues such as St Andrews, Royal Troon and Royal Birkdale. Gamers have been able to experience the fairways of Augusta since Tiger Woods 12, but now they can feel the pressure of all four major championships.The new Legends of the Majors mode enables players to go back in time to play the legends at historic events at the Masters, the US Open, the PGA Championship and The Open Championship.

EA Sports worked closely with the R&A, which organizes The Open Championship, to help bring the magic of The Open Championship to the game. “The Open Championship is a truly unique event in world sport with a history which dates back more than 150 years. Bringing the spirit of The Open to a wider audience through the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 game is very exciting. This is a wonderful platform and I am sure golf enthusiasts all over the world will relish the opportunity to play against their heroes in The Open,” said Michael Tate, Executive Director – Business Affairs at The R&A.

In Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14, gamers can now play the golf courses at any time of day or evening, including night golf. The Legends of the Majors mode helps turn back the clock with sepia-hued video, plus fours and vintage golf clubs.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 to Feature 9 Tigers

TIGERWOODS_PGATOUR13Think you could beat Tiger Woods? How about a two year-old Tiger Woods? In the upcoming next installment of the popular Tiger Woods video game from EA Sports, you’ll have the chance to compete against a total of nine stages of Woods at various ages.

EA Sports recently announced a “legacy challenge mode” to the upcoming “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13” video game, featuring levels in which users play as Woods at various stages of his life, ranging from a two-year-old to a future Woods seeking a record 19th major title.

Tiger worked with EA Sports developers throughout the game design process, even contributing personal photographs and memories to help make the game as realistic as possible. Despite his recent struggles, EA Sports has been an ardent supporter of Tiger and now is helping to make his invincible persona more human.

“Our challenge with ‘Tiger,’ like all our games, is to raise the bar and bring new things in every year. But, here, we’re telling a story of a very human side of Tiger and his development as a golfer,” said EA COO Peter Moore. “It’s almost like we’re making the very first golf (role playing game).” The game is set for release March 27. To learn more, visit the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 website.

Tim Tebow Could Join Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach

TIM_TEBOW_GOLFThe odd couple of Tiger Woods and Tim Tebow could become a reality on the golf course according to a recent report. PGATour.com is reporting that Tim Tebow could be joining Woods at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am once the Broncos finish their season.

Woods is already commited to play with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, with whom Woods shared a round at Torrey Pines in 2008. Whether Woods would play with Romo or Tebow is still up in the air.

Tebow grew up playing golf in the Jacksonville, Florida area. He played golf a couple years ago with four-time major champion Phil Mickelson at a nearby golf course the week of THE PLAYERS Championship. The Broncos’ quarterback also hosts his own golf tournament, the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic. Tebow also has some experience playing with PGA Tour players as he participated in the pro-am of the St. Jude FedEx Classic last year.

PGATour.com speculation is Woods could be paired with Romo, while Tebow would play with another PGA professional. One player who might make sense playing with Tebow would be fellow University of Florida alum Camilo Villegas.

The 2012 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am takes place from February 6-12. D.A. Points is the defending champion along with his celebrity partner, Bill Murray.

PGA Tour Star Dustin Johnson Looking for a Caddy

DUSTIN_JOHNSON_CADDYWith the news that Tiger Woods has hired Joe LaCava, PGA Tour star Dustin Johnson is looking for a new caddy. According to a story posted on tigerwoods.com, LaCava approached Woods and his agent, Mark Steinberg, about the job.

LaCava’s move came as a surprise to Johnson, who will be Woods’ teammate at the upcoming President’s Cup matches this fall. David Winkle, Johnson’s agent at Hambric Sports Management, has indicated that a search for a new caddie would begin immediately.

“Needless to say, Dustin and I were completely surprised, as they have enjoyed a great relationship and have been very successful together,” Winkle said. “Nonetheless, we think highly of Joe, both as a caddie and a person, which is why he was hired in the first place. We wish him nothing but the best with his new employer.”

If you’re looking to break into the business as a PGA Tour caddy, you might be in luck. Dustin Johnson is partnering with Caddy For A Cure to offer one lucky person the opportunity to caddy for him at the 2012 Farmers Insurance Open in La Jolla, California. The Farmers will be played at the beautiful and historic Torrey Pines January 23rd thru January 28th, 2012. The caddy date will be Wednesday, January 25th during the pro am competition round.

Caddy For A Cure offers PGA TOUR and LPGA Tour caddy opportunities through auctions. 100% of auction proceeds are donated to charity. To learn more, visit Caddy For A Cure.

Rory McIlroy Doubts Tiger Woods Can Return

TIGERWOODS_RORYMCILROYUS Open winner Rory McIlroy believes Tiger Woods’ will never improve on his previous performances. Those are brash words for a PGA Tour professional who’s only won a single major championship. However, McIlroy is not alone in his feeling that the man who has won 14 majors may never rule the fairways like he once did.

“We saw the best of Tiger in 2000 and 2001. I don’t think golf can be played any better than that,” said Rory McIlroy. “He didn’t even need to play that well to win tournaments — he won the US Open by 15 shots, the Open by eight — I so think we’ve seen the best of him but that’s not to say to he won’t win again.

“It will be difficult for him because the fields are so much deeper. He set the benchmark and that’s where we’re all trying to get to. I don’t think anybody has got there yet but we’re getting closer. It will be a tough ask for him to get back there.”

Tiger Woods has suffered numerous setbacks on and off the golf course over the past two years. He’s been working with swing coach Sean Foley for the past year and has had to overcome multiple injuries as well. Currently ranked 49th in the world, Woods is hoping to gain some momentum over the next few weeks before appearing in the President’s Cup later this fall.

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2010 US Open Champion Concerned for Tiger

GRAEME_MCDOWELL2010 US Open champion Graeme McDowell will take to Congressional this week to defend his title. One player he won’t have to contend with is the legendary Tiger Woods. Woods bowed out of this year’s event due to continuing ailments, most recently knee issues that were originally aggravated at The Masters and then at the PLAYERS.

Eager to prove that his 2010 US Open title was not a fluke, McDowell expressed his concern about Tiger Woods’ health, calling his abscence from the field this week “a massive blow” to the game of golf.

“We all hope as golfers that his health can come back,” said McDowell. “Golf needs him. He has been golf for the last 15 years. Will he be back? Nobody knows at the minute. There’s obviously a lot going on. His mental health is one question and his physical health is now another.”

McDowell was definitely concerned when Woods pulled out of the PLAYERS and felt the injury could be worse than most feared.

“The warning signs were there, but we thought he’d be ready for the U.S. Open,” he said. “Tiger plays his cards close to his chest and it’s pretty difficult to know what’s going on, His quest to beat Jack Nicklaus’s record is one of the great golf stories and we hope he gets better soon.”

Tiger Woods to be Challenged By 5-Year-Old Golf Prodigy

GOLF PRODIGYThere are quite a few younger competitors for Tiger Woods these days, many of whom are in their early twenties. However, not many golf prodigies are found before kindergarten, as is the case with 5-year-old California golf prodigy Bryant Hernandez.

Currently, Hernandez is playing in the 6-and-under divisions of the Callaway Junior Tour, Future Champions Tour, and the US Kids Golf Junior Tour. Not only is he playing in highly competitive leagues, he is also the current points leader in the local US Kids Golf Junior Tour for Player of the Year honors.

“He loves it,” father Victor Hernandez says. “His mentality is to just have fun. He knows he’s going to go play with friends. Obviously he likes medals and likes trophies. But I told him it doesn’t matter where you end up, as long as he does his best.”

“From the first day I noticed him,” golf professional Steve Labarge said. “During the camp we break out into two sections. One works on short game and the other on the long game. While working on his short game and putting I noticed his touch and feel and sense of the stroke were pretty incredible for a 4-year-old.”

Larbarge was amazed at how advanced Hernandez’s motor skills and hand eye-coordination for a child at that age were. He decided to go talk to his father and put out some feelers about possibly getting Hernandez some lessons and entering him in some tournaments.

“I just observed the fact that he was more talented than the other kids. I just mentioned to his dad about his son’s ability to create feel with the swing and hand eye coordination.”

Hernandez quickly found himself taking lessons with Labarge where they worked on the basic fundamentals of the golf swing.

“At that age you can’t give a whole lot of detailed instruction. He has a natural swing. The main thing I focus on him with are primarily the fundamentals of alignment, making sure when he hits the ball his body position is the same,” Labarge said. “The swing thought I give him is to swing smoothly.”

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Practice With Tiger Woods Golf Swing App

TIGER WOODS MYSWINGHere’s your chance to improve your golf game alongside Tiger Woods as he improves himself. For the first time ever, Tiger has produced his own smart phone swing app, available for purchase through the iTunes store.

“With the new My Swing App I get instant feedback on my swing whether I’m out on Tour or practicing at home,” said Tiger. “This device gives me with all the tools necessary to analyze and break down my own swing, and best of all I don’t need another set of eyes or expensive equipment to do it.”

Tiger’s app offers a feature that allows anyone to compare side-by-side their swing with the four-time Masters champion. Woods promises exclusive updates along with information about his life on Tour though the app. It also provides a how-to video directly from Tiger covering swing analysis as well as exclusive video updates for members only.

The app is priced at $9.99. “We want to raise as much money as we possibly can for the Foundation, and it’s a way for anyone who participates in the game of golf to use the same technology that I use on a daily basis,” he explained. “That’s how I make the swing changes with Sean. I take a video of my swing. So I use it almost daily. And there’s no reason why anyone else can’t.”

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Secret Golf Tip That Both Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus Share

AIMLINESWhat one extremely important secret do both Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods share? Both legendary golfers use the same intermediate-target process to laser-focus their aim on every full shot.

To begin, start from behind the ball and pick a spot close to you, like a broken tee on the tee box, old divot or dark piece of grass that’s on the same line as your ultimate target. Then picture a line from the ball through both of those targets.

Step into your stance with your back foot, then line up your clubface so it’s perpendicular to the intermediate target. As you finish setting up, make sure your feet, knees, hips, shoulders and eyes are aligned parallel to the line that runs from the ball through both targets.

Take a last look at the far target. If your aim feels off before you swing, go through the whole process again. Don’t just adjust a single element, like your feet or shoulders. That throws your entire alignment out of whack.

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